One person has passed away from a four-alarm fire at Trump Tower, FDNY spokeswoman Angelica Conroy speak

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v the President-elect residence in NYC, the new secret Service existence is no a existing to new Yorkers, traffic & neighborhood businesses.’s Dana Bash reports.

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The fire top top the 50th floor that the brand-new York City highrise left one man dead and six firefighters injured, the FDNY said. The victim was determined as Todd Brassner, 67.

Police figured out the man killed as Todd Brassner, 67, a residents of the building’s 50th floor. The was required to the hospital in vital condition but later died, claimed spokeswoman Angelica Conroy the the Fire Department.

Brassner to be unconscious and unresponsive as soon as firefighters pulled him out, the NYPD said. He died in the hospital. 6 firefighters endured injuries that space not life threatening, Conroy said.

The fire was had to the 50th floor the the tower, situated on 5th Avenue in new York. It to be ruled under control about 9 p.m., two hrs after the was initially reported, the FDNY tweeted.

6 firefighters suffered injuries that room not life threatening, Conroy said.

No members that the Trump household were in ~ the tower during the fire, Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said.

prior to news that the death, president Donald trump card congratulated firefighters and tweeted the the fire was out and also “very confined” in the “well constructed building.”

The fire at Trump Tower comes three months after ~ a young fire broke out in a cooling tower on the roof that the building, follow to affiliate WCBS-TV. Two world were hurt in the fire, which officials stated may have been led to by electric heaters inside the cooling tower.

His son, Eric Trump, also congratulated the firefighters prior to news of the death, saying “the
FDNY and also
NYPD are truly several of the most incredible civilization anywhere!”

Thank you come the exceptional men and also women the the NYFD that extinguished a fire in a residential apartment in ~
TrumpTower. The

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FDNY and
NYPD are truly few of the most incredible people anywhere!