Union path In Bellevue closeup of the door After another Weekend of Flooding as result of Heavy RainsUnion avenue in Bellevue is closed as result of flooding because that the 2nd weekend in a row.

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'This thing Floods Every Time it Rains:' Ross Township citizens Fed Up v Union path FloodingAfter Sunday's heavy rains as soon as again left a road flooded, citizens are calling because that a solution.

Heavy Rains reason Flooding and also Power Outages throughout The AreaSunday afternoon's heavy storms carried flooding and power outages come several places in the area.

Union way In Bellevue Reopens complying with FloodingUnion way in Bellevue has actually reopened after heavy rains resulted in flooding on Sunday.

Sinkhole Shuts down Busy Bellevue Intersection, Crews functioning On RepairsBellevue Police have actually closed off part of Lincoln Avenue because of a huge sinkhole opening up in the center of the road.

Portion Of course 65 Northbound Closed as result of Tractor Trailer AccidentA jackknifed tractor-trailer has actually shut under the northbound lanes of path 65 in Bellevue.
COVID-19 In Allegheny County: business Owners currently Feeling affect Of Stay-At-Home AdvisoryBusiness owners in Allegheny county say castle are already feeling the affect of the stay-at-home advisory.
Suspect wanted For setup Bellevue Apartment building On Fire Arrested, ChargedA man who allegedly set an apartment structure in Bellevue on fire critical week is in police custody Saturday.
Bellevue Police seek Arson SuspectPolice in Bellevue are searching for a male accused of setup fire come an apartment structure on approve Avenue.
Firefighters injured While Responding to Five-Alarm Fire In BellevueA residence on provide Avenue in Bellevue recorded fire at an early stage Friday morning.
19-Year-Old die At Hospital complying with Police follow Crash In BellevueOfficials say three teenagers were taken to the hospital complying with a police chase that ended with a violent crash in Bellevue.
Car Crashes right into Utility Pole, Pole drops Onto BusA vehicle crashed right into a utility pole in Bellevue, pass the pole under onto a bus.
Two Vehicles Collide external Of Gas terminal In BellevueAfter two vehicles collided exterior of a gas station, one of them captured fire.
Marches, Rallies hosted In Bellevue, Dormont and Fox Chapel top top 13th directly Day that ProtestsFor the 13th right day, demonstrators space on the streets throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania in an answer to the death of George Floyd.
Local experienced Photographer take away Pictures complimentary Of charge For High college SeniorsWith the class a remote memory and proms canceled all throughout the area because of social distancing guidelines, number of high school seniors lost the methods to take an elderly pictures.
Naked Female in ~ Denver worldwide Airport Walked around Concourse A questioning Passengers 'Where space You From?'A woman passenger parading v a Denver international Airport concourse last month without any type of clothing attracted attention from other passengers and airport police.
New York City's yearly Columbus job Parade Marches Up fifth AvenueOrganizers say brand-new York City's parade is the world's biggest celebration that Columbus and Italian heritage.

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'Terrible risk To educational Process': tik 'Slap A Teacher Challenge' has Educators ~ above EdgeFor the month that October, student are encouraged to slap a teacher and also run far without gaining caught.