CARSON (CBSLA) — Crews Friday ongoing to fight an substantial industrial fire that broke out Thursday afternoon in a pallet yard in Carson and quickly infect a distribution center.

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Oct. 1, 2021. (L.A. Ar Fire Department)

Several businesses near the fire were evacuated, follow to the L.A. Ar Sheriff’s Department.

“Pretty lot they told us to get out of the building, due to the fact that the structure started to catch on fire, and also we went within the office,” Victor Chaires, who works at a surrounding transportation company, told CBSLA Thursday.

Firefighters were able to prevent far-reaching damage come 11 surrounding structures that were endangered by the intense flames, i m sorry jumped from roof to roof. Officials attributed employees at several of those structures who rolled under warehouse doors to store the flames from getting inside.

“Wisely, among the employees got in there and also pulled down number of of those roll-up doors, thereby preventing the fire from acquiring inside of the structure,” LACFD spokesperson Sean Ferguson said.

“Had he not done that us would have actually been looking at a lot bigger firefight inside the building itself,” Ferguson added.

Osby stated wind to be a major factor in the spread of the flames.

“As you can tell by the fire that’s practically a city block, that has affected three to 5 commercial structures, that we had a tunnel the wind walk behind the buildings, and also between the buildings, v a many of exterior storage,” Osby said. “It’s paper, supplies, chemicals, alcohol wipes.”

Four firefighters were injured battling the blaze. Two of them to be hospitalized, but are meant to it is in OK.

“I think our firefighters did an exceptional job as much as attacking the fire and also then maintaining the fire from significantly impacting the commercial structures,” Osby added.

There is no word on a cause. Matheny said the service where the fire showed up to start is a distribution center which stores large amount of flammability material. Investigators to be looking right into whether barrels the hand sanitizer captured fire, igniting the flames.

“Knowing the there was containers of this things, and they started to pop, luckily the explosions were somewhat contained in those containers, yet it still got out of hand,” Sam Samayon, an employee of a surrounding business, called CBSLA Thursday.

The bordering businesses continued to be closed Friday as result of the range of the burn area. Crews need to go ar by section and also ensure every the flames room out before enabling anyone in, including fire investigators.

“Because that the large footprint of this fire, we’ve got a lot of of product to just pull apart, spring for hot spots, smoldering areas,” Matheny said.

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Meanwhile, traffic remained heavily affected at Alondra and Avalon boulevards. Motorists were recommend to stop the area, the sheriff’s room said.

Firefighters continue to put out warm spots this morning after ~ a massive fire in ~ a distribution center in Carson shed for several hours. 3 firefighters were injured. Firefighters say neighboring businesses additionally suffered minor damage. The story at 11