The Medford Fire room is here to aid you get the sources you have to stay safe. We manage fire inspections and permits, fire investigation, hazardous materials planning, and more.

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We make sure homes, public events, and buildings and structures in our community are safe. We do all we can to prevent damage to our community, but when emergencies arise, us are right here to help.


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We"re right here to serve you. Therefore it"s necessary that you know who her fire department leaders are. Our management works tough to serve the community. Each of castle brings distinct experience to their role.

Learn an ext about the fire room leaders that work difficult to serve you everyday.

Fire room Leadership

The Fire and Life Safety department performs a variety of tasks that encourage public safety, including:

Issue patent for activities such as open up burning, public events, and firework displays.Investigate the origin and also cause the fires.Perform safety and security inspections of commercial buildings and other structures.Help landowners and also community members mitigate wildfire risks.Review construction plans for fire security systems.Review land development plans come insure over there is sufficient access and water supply in instance of a fire.

Fire and Life security Division

The Emergency Management division serves the city’s preparedness, response, recovery, and also mitigation demands by coordinating information and also resources between city departments, partner agencies, volunteer organizations, and the community.

Emergency Management

Medford Fire Department offers fire security to the Medford rural Fire protection District 2 (MRFPD2) under contractual agreement. The mutually useful relationship because that both next has been in place due to the fact that 1952. The present ten-year agreement, because that 1.5 million per year is renewable in 2027.

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Medford countryside Fire defense District 2

Community connect permits residents come share an important information around their family members in order come aid very first responders and also emergency service personnel come respond much more efficiently and also effectively.