A 71-year-old guy was trapped in a locked second-floor bathroom and killed in a home fire in Rahway Wednesday night.

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Carly Baldwin, spot Staff


RAHWAY, NJ — A 71-year-old man was can not to get out that his house and also was eliminated in a home fire in Rahway Wednesday night, follow to the Rahway Police Department.

The man has been figured out as Willie Brown, the Rahway, who resided in the house where the fire occurred. A relative who lived v him do the efforts to conserve him, yet was can not to, said police.

The fire broke out at 9:35 p.m. At a private residence on the 800 block of eastern Hazelwood path in Rahway. Rahway police got a 911 phone call of an energetic fire with a male trapped in a second-floor toilet of the home.

Police made number of attempts to gain into the bathroom, which was locked, yet were unable to perform so due to the hefty smoke and also fire conditions. A male family member who lived with Brown check to conserve him as well, yet was unsuccessful, said police. That man was treated at the scene because that smoke inhalation and also released.

Firefighters landed on scene a brief time later.

"Regrettably, the male, later determined as 71-year-old Willie Brown was discovered deceased in the bathroom," said Rahway Police.

Members the the Union ar Arson Task force are still investigating the origin and cause the the fire. No foul pat is doubt at this time.

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