SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – Firefighters room monitoring a grass fire in mountain Jose the started around 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

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The fire right now straddles North san Jose and also Milpitas for this reason while it’s about 25 acres, smoke might be seen throughout the south bay this evening.

Crews to speak they’ll be the end there all night watering the fire right into the early morning hours to make sure this fire doesn’t spread.

While the fire’s been contained, it’s not totally out.


“Currently we have actually containment lines attracted as Tasman, Donohue, phibìc McCarthy, and likewise in mountain Jose. Our estimate right currently is 25 acres however that might change,” Battalion cook Galahad Zamora said.

Firefighters say the location and conditions of this fire made it complicated to access.

“Heavy dry brush, huge vegetation, accessibility and climate cross jurisdictional lines since this creek borders both Milpitas and also San Jose so gaining access to the fire and also water supply is limited,” Zamora said.

Battalion chief Galahad Zamora says the winds aided stop this fire from threatening any homes near Mill river Lane. The area wherein the fire was very first reported.

However, the flames did impact multiple homeless encampments nearby.

“Cause that the fire is underdetermined however yes there room multiple homeless encampments within the area and they are currently displaced. We space working v San Jose Fire and city services to check out where us could provide them support and get lock relocated,” Zamora said.

Zamora claims it’s taking longer than regular to put out this fire due to the fact that resources room scarce once it pertains to water and also bodies.

“We’re all stretched pretty thin so we have multiple devices working the Dixie and also the Tamarack Fire. I just got earlier from the flow Fire as of Friday and also called earlier into work-related Monday therefore we’re law the ideal we can with what us have and it’s just going to it is in doing much more with less which we’re it s okay with yet we simply know it’s going to be prolonged operation,” Zamora said.

Firefighters say they’ll be here until the morning and the fire will most likely be put out or extinguished sometime tomorrow.

UPDATE: Firefighters are still functioning to extinguish the vegetation fire close to Mill flow Ln. Fire resources expected to be on scene because that the following 3-4 hours. Vegetated area wherein fire is situated is about 50-75 acres. No updates however on approximate size of area burned.

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— san José Fire Dept. (
SJFD) July 28, 2021

Officials approximated the grassy area whereby the fire is situated is between 50-75 acres.

At this time, there are no reports the injuries.

Residents in the area are advised to shelter in ar at this time.

No evacuation orders have been issued in ~ this time.

Check back as this is developing.

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