Pig Roast In Basement Blamed for Brooklyn Fire; building Super ArrestedAn extra-alarm fire in east Flatbush, Brooklyn Sunday was resulted in by someone roasting a pig, the FDNY said.

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Fire breaks Out In Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, diffusion To 2 BuildingsAn extra-alarm fire broke out in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn and also spread come two buildings Monday evening.

1 Dead, 4 injured In Crown Heights, Brooklyn FireOne human was killed and also four rather were injured late Thursday in a fire in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Fire Rips Through building In Borough Park, BrooklynAn extra-alarm fire broke out in Borough Park, Brooklyn late Sunday.

9 Injured, 3 Critically In Flatbush, Brooklyn FireNine human being were injured, 3 of castle critically, once a fire damaged out in a seven-story structure in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Fire Rips with Apartment structure In Sheepshead Bay, BrooklynA fire swept through one apartment structure in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn Thursday evening.
1 Dead after Fire Sweeps through Vacant Apartment Building, diffusion In BrooklynOne human being is dead after an extra-alarm fire damaged out Tuesday night in one apartment building in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn.
5-Alarm Fire Destroys 3 Multi-Family dwellings In Cypress Hills, BrooklynFirefighters worked to battle a 5-alarm fire in Brooklyn Sunday evening.
Dozens Of inhabitants Displaced By enormous Fire In BrooklynEarly Wednesday morning, crews were still putting out hot spots and also keeping a close watch on the smoldering structures on DeKalb way in Bushwick.
Major Fire division Out In Brooklyn Commercial structure OvernightFDNY firefighters combated a significant fire in Brooklyn overnight.
Brooklyn Baby die After Firefighter Rescues HerDespite heroic initiatives by firefighters, a 4-month-old infant passed away after a fire brushed up through her Brooklyn home.
FDNY: young Killed, 5 Other youngsters Hurt In Brooklyn FireIn Brooklyn, an obvious holiday celebration turned deadly once an eight-year old boy was killed in a fire the injured his 5 brothers and sisters.
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Hospital patients In Boston compelled To be Airlifted out Of State because of Bed ShortageBoston MedFlight is being required to carry patients to hospitals in Connecticut and Rhode Island since there aren't sufficient beds in the state.