Investigators room looking into what brought about a Tempe residence fire that eliminated two world early Monday morning.

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TEMPE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) – Two world are dead after very early morning fire in Tempe. It occurred at about 1:30 a.m. When firefighters arrived on the scene close to Priest Drive and Southern Avenue, flames to be shooting from every one of the windows, the Tempe Police department said. Crews immediately went defensive, which way they had to struggle the flames native outside.

A neighbor said Arizona"s family reporter Monica Garcia that he woke up once the fire blew out the windows. Video from the scene verified shattered glass in the street and all end the yard. 

Arizona"s household spoke to neighbors who speak they wake up up as soon as they heard what sounded like a loud boom or explosion. "It sounded like a bomb. Literally. The shook the house. That"s how it felt," stated Abbas Alazzawi. 


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Aerial video clip showed the gutted home. It looked favor a part of the roof collapsed. "We simply heard favor a boom. And it sort of shook all the wall surfaces in the house," stated Justin Arroyo. He said he at first thought something dropped on the house.

As the ar went outside to watch what to be going on, they experienced the residence up in flames and called 911. Arroyo states everyone was trying to find a water tap or do the efforts to figure out how they can help. 

When the fire to be out and also firefighters to be able to obtain into the home, they found two dead adults. No various other information around the victim was instantly available, however a neighbor stated a woman and also her 80s and also her 50-year-old daughter lived at the home. He claimed they had actually been over there for around 15 years. 

While it"s too at an early stage to determine the exact reason of the fire, Assistant Fire chef Andrea Glass with Tempe Fire clinical Rescue says natural gas has been rule out. She states there space a number of things that might have caused the loud noise, and they quiet don"t know what began it. "It could be popping that materials, we"ve had actually propane tanks that have been close to a hot resource and they"ve exploded or they"ve made that sound together well," she said. 

Tempe police stated it does no look choose there were working smoke detectors in the house. Sgt. Hector Encinas with the Tempe Police Department states they have actually not yet released the name of the victims, but confirms they room two ladies in your 50"s and 70"s.