THE DALLES, Ore. — Evacuation orders have been downgraded in the Columbia flow Gorge after number of fires sparked follow me I-84 Friday morning.

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The three bigger fires, all with each other officially named the Milepost 78 fire, burned around seven acres between I-84 and also the rail tracks. Two other fires were limited to a "spot," according to the Oregon department of Forestry (ODF) central Oregon District. As of Friday night, the Milepost 78 fire to be 20% contained.

Video sent out in to shows the flames burning follow me Interstate 84 and crews with big fire trucks. The fires shed near the neighborhood of Rowena, in in between the towns of Mosier and The Dalles.

The Wasco county Sheriff"s Office said crews arrived just before 11 a.m. And found three separate fires in ~ a one mile stretch. Nearby resources from Dallesport, Dufur and also Hood River aided contain the flames. In an update Friday afternoon, the sheriff"s office stated they"d managed the fire from dispersing thanks in component to their helicopter and an air assault plane. Two ODF Fire boss aircraft, a kind 1 helicopter top top loan indigenous the S-503 fire, and also an air strike platform from central Oregon Fire administration Services aided to placed out the fire.

** #TrafficAlert 3 fires have actually started along the westbound shoulder that Hwy 30. WB lanes close up door & addresses indigenous 5220 come 6090 HWY 30 space on level 3 evacuation notice- stop the area!Cause is unknownFollow for web traffic updates

— Oregon State Police (

All roadway closures have been reopened together of Friday night. Check the latest updates on Tripcheck here.

All evacuation orders have actually been downgraded come a level 2 "GET READY." Those addresses under the order are the following:

From 5220 Hwy 30 West to 6090 Hwy 30 West, includes Rowena river Road and also Mayer State Park.From 5220 Hwy 30 West come Simmonelli Rd/Hwy 30 West Intersection

The sheriff"s office said problems will it is in reevaluated Saturday morning and also those evacuation orders might be update then.


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