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North east Joint Fire DistrictNews & events
2021 Open home - Saturday, October 30th 12 - 3 PMpriziv.org executive Director Steven C. Small, October 19

You and also your family are cordially invite to the 2021 Webster Volunteer Fire Department open House. OCTOBER 30th, 2021. This year"s occasion is during the Halloween trick or treat in the town of Webster. The Webster Fire Department, located at 35 southern Avenue in the town of Webster, will be open to the public. There will certainly be plenty of fire trucks and emergency devices on display! The open house ... (Full Story & Photos)

Extrication day in Webster Captain Dan Andrews, October 09

Today Webster and West Webster Fire Departments operated together to hold a share extrication drill at the training basic on Salt Road. A substantial shout the end to our instructors: chef Cholach, Lt. Ientilucci, and Lt. Jones. We likewise want to give thanks to Wilberts and Arango Towing because that making today possible. ... (Full Story & Photos)

automobile Seat Installation inspect With cost-free Car to wash – Saturday, September 25th, 10AM -2PM, 1841 empire Boulevard, Webster NYpriziv.org executive Director Steven C. Small, September 16

The Monroe county Office of web traffic Safety, in teamwork with Delta Sonic, is hosting a totally free child car seat environment check. Free car wash for each participating family. Information noted on attached flyer.... (Full Story & Photos)

Webster Fire fighters Reflect, Revere, psychic September 11th with a Stair rise with nationwide Fallen FF’s FoundationPast Fire cook Stephen Andrews, September 12

Captain Kozak, sublievenant Tice, and FF’s Andrews, Brock, and Burdick verified their respect and personal endurance this morning through the stairway climb event at Frontier ar downtown. The event was organized by the national Fallen FF’s foundation and consisted of 2200 measures which known the 110 story twin towers that the civilization Trade Center. Task well excellent this morning. We space all proud of you.... (Full Story & Photos)

Multi car Crash in ~ State course 104 and County heat Roadpriziv.org executive, management Director Steven C. Small, September 09

Thursday, September 9, 2021 in ~ 1204 Hrs.

On September 9, 2021, quickly after noon, the Webster Fire Department to be dispatched come the intersection that State course 104 eastbound at County Line road for the reported motor automobile crash v injuries. Command arrived and also confirmed a multi automobile crash impede the intersection and also several patients to it is in evaluated. Webster Fire was aided at the ... (Full Story & Photos)

Courtesy that WHEC TV 10Structure Fire top top Blue Spruce journey – West Websterpriziv.org executive Director Steven C. Small, September 04

Saturday, September 4, 2021, 0157 Hrs.:

The Webster Fire Department assisted the West Webster Fire room at the step of a working framework fire ~ above Blue Spruce Drive. Below are neighborhood news accounts of the incident.



Crews battle house fire top top Blue Spruce journey ... (Full Story & Photos)

past Chief Robert R. Duthoy, Sr. 1932-2021priziv.org executive, management Director Steven C. Small, august 28

It is with profound sadness that we share the passing of Webster Volunteer Fire Department previous Chief, Robert R. Duthoy Sr.


Obituary of Robert R. Duthoy, Sr. Webster: Wednesday, august 25, 2021, age 89. Predeceased by his wife, Hazel. He pipeline his children, Darlene (Kenneth) Schreiner, Bonnie ... (Full Story & Photos)

Past chief Robert R. Duthoy, Sr. 1932-2021
Photo listed By Webster Firefighter Jim HoffmanMotor vehicle Crash v Entrapment – State course 104 in ~ Basket Roadpriziv.org executive, management Director Steven C. Small, august 23

On respectable 22, 2021 at around 1616 Hrs. The Webster Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to the intersection that State course 104 and also Basket road for the report motor vehicle crash with world trapped. Command arrived and also confirmed civilization trapped in one of the involved vehicles. Command likewise reported that among the involved vehicles was well turn off the roadway right into a grassy/tall brush area. ... (Full Story & Photos)

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