A wind-driven wildfire burned 200 acres of brush, torching an commercial yard where stacks of pallets explosive in flames, threaten as countless as 100 homes.(Irfan cannes / LAT)

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Intense heat obscures water fdropping helicopter. More than 150 firefighters relocated in through trucks top top the ground and planes and also helicopters flew over the blaze through water drops.(Irfan cannes / LAT)


Flames in the Rialto-Fontana area melted dangerously close come homes, prompting officials to contact for spontaneous evacuations.(Irfan cannes / LAT)


More 보다 150 firefighters moved in with trucks on the ground and planes and helicopters flew over the blaze in the Rialto-Fontana area with water drops.(Irfan khan / LAT)


A brush fire in the Rialto-Fontana area burned 200 acre and collection an commercial yard ablaze.(Irfan khan / LAT)


A wildfire jumped into an industrial yard and ignited stacks that pallets, fueling a blaze that intimidated as plenty of as 100 homes.(Irfan khan / LAT)

Intense warmth obscures a firefighting helicopter together it assaults a blaze that melted 200 acres in the Rialto-Fontana.(Irfan cannes / LAT)

Firefighters spray water indigenous Sierra Ave. To safeguard hundreds of homes that would be endangered if the wind-fueled wildfire overcome this street.(Karen Tapia-Andersen / LAT)

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A mountain Bernardino firefighter sprays water into a building in an industrial yard where stacks of wooden pallets to be stored.(Karen Tapia-Andersen / LAT)

Firefighter kris Keith gets assist from a helicopter making a water drop in ~ the commercial yard whereby stacks of wood pallets had ignited.(Karen Tapia-Andersen / LAT)