Chances are, you’ve most most likely heard several of the recent buzz around Amazon’s latest hands-free streaming device, the Amazon Fire TV Cube. Essentially, it’s a video clip streaming tool that combines Amazon Alexa’s voice assistant and also the Amazon Fire Stick, leading to a smooth streaming and also voice command experience.

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But what specifically sets this machine apart from every the rest? Is the worth adding to your growing collection of smart home technology, or should you skip out on this one? we’ll answer all your burning questions in this in-depth an equipment review to assist you decide if you must snag one Amazon Fire TV Cube or take a pass.

What is it?

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For starters, let’s gain down come brass tacks - those so special about this device? What makes this tool unique is its ability to incorporate Amazon’s voice assistant, Amazon Alexa, while girlfriend watch your favorite movies and also shows, plus much more.

You can use Alexa with your Fire TV Cube to control your A/V receiver, sound bars, adjust the channel, volume, etc. - every from throughout the room. You can additionally use added Alexa features, together as having actually Alexa tell you the daily forecast or readjust your other linked smart devices, even while the TV is off.

Additionally, similar to other comparable streaming devices, you deserve to sync it increase to tons of streaming apps choose Netflix, Hulu, Prime video clip and more, and also numerous cable channels.

The pros

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Let’s start with the cost alone. The Fire TV Cube is priced at $120 (although it’s currently on sale for simply $90). An Apple TV, in comparison, costs $149, and also you can’t sync it come as plenty of smart gadgets throughout your house. Thus, the noticeable benefit is the affordable cost, considering what you gain for your money.

Other an excellent features? You can use the Fire TV Cube come stream cable TV networks like NBC, HGTV, ESPN and more with 4K HDR capabilities, or to turn the TV on and also off with your voice as soon as you can’t uncover the remote or your hands space tied. It’s likewise pretty handy the you have the right to ask Alexa inquiries while you watch TV.

For example, let’s say you watching a movie and you just can’t it seems ~ to ar a specific actress, song or director. The Fire Cube TV will pause her programming and displays the answer come your inquiry right ~ above the TV, then get right back to the movie once you’ve gotten your answer. How cool is that?

The cons

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While there are many great aspects that the Fire Cube TV, it additionally has that is drawbacks. An initial of all, there room a couple of features it’s lacking that might reason frustration - yes sir no button for volume, muting, or transforming the TV ~ above or off v the remote included.

You can theoretically manage the volume with your voice, back this feature is currently quite slow and also not an extremely dependable. Furthermore, despite the countless plugs and also adapters provided in the box, it doesn’t come equipped with an HDMI cord, therefore you’ll have to purchase one separately.

Another usual frustration some users have actually found, contrary to what it insurance claims to do, is that it’s not constantly the most qualified of performing an ext intuitive tasks, such as resuming precisely where you left off in your programming. It’s also unable to regulate your other devices, favor your cable crate or gaming console, so you’ll need to use the standard remote for those.

Bottom line: is it precious purchasing?

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At the end of the day, whether or no this an equipment will be worthwhile for you really relies on her priorities. If you seeking a much more affordable, hands-free streaming machine that’s compatible v your other smart devices, the Fire TV Cube might be a great option because that you.

On the various other hand, if you currently have other video clip streaming tools like a Google Chromecast or apologize TV, or friend don’t watch the need for making use of voice command when you clock TV (after all, she perfectly qualified of pressing pause top top the remote yourself), you can want to forego this device.

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Whether or not the Fire Cube TV is appropriate for you, for straightforward install and setup on all your similar digital devices, is constantly just a click away. Publication a smart home setup online anytime because that fast, professional professionals that involved you in ~ the exact same day, 7 work a week. Click below to gain $10 turn off your first service v us.