In mine retirement I invest a good deal the time top top an unexplained "hobby" — comes up with advantageous technology-based services to problems and annoyances the beset my elderly friends and also relations.

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I have found that countless of this older adults spend rather a most their time within earshot of a TV — which is frequently turned on in the background. I discover my "solutions" frequently involve finding brand-new ways come leverage the prestige of the TV collection in their lives.



Solutions because that My family members & the Fire TV Cube

Recently, a product called the Amazon Fire TV Cube has actually become obtainable and i am recognize it frequently helps me deal with the challenges I am functioning on on behalf my larger friends.

However, the Amazon Fire TV Cube is not so an easy to collection up, and also so ns have arisen this "How to" guide to aid other people like me set up a Fire TV Cube for your friends, relatives, or aging parents. I encompass instructions for exactly how to enable various attributes I have actually needed for the solutions I have produced for mine friends and relatives.

For part specific examples of the problems and also solutions I have actually been functioning on, see "DIY modern technology Solutions to things Bothering my Aging Relatives". And, because that a story about how I assisted my 94-yr-old Aunt revolve her TV from a not very useful resource of lift "noise" into a helpful tool that assisted her achieve a range of crucial tasks, check out "Making TV valuable for my 94-yr-old Aunt".



What Is Amazon Fire TV? What Is the Amazon Fire TV Cube?

Amazon Fire TV is the name of a family members of assets (the Fire TV Stick, the Fire TV Cube). The primary purpose the these assets is to be what is called a "media player", which is something the plugs right into an ordinary TV and also turns it into a "smart" TV — which deserve to then stream contents from the Internet.

The Fire TV commodities look like a little stick or a cube, and also plug right into the HDMI harbor on a TV. Once they space connected, you can stream programming native a wide variety of channels such together Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, YouTube and Amazon Prime. These products compete with various other media players choose the apple TV, Roku, and also Google Chromecast.

A key differentiator that the Fire TV assets compared to various other media football player is the tight integration with Alexa, and with Amazon"s services.

The large difference between the Fire TV Cube and other Fire TV products (eg Fire TV Stick) is that the Cube includes a speaker and also microphone, so the you can talk v it directly, and also incorporates plenty of of the capabilities of the remote regulate directly right into the Cube — accessed via voice commands.



List the Equipment, Software, and Applications Required

Equipment needed:

Wi-FiMobile Phone because that setup making use of the Alexa appEcho connect (if you desire Caller identifier on screen)

If you desire to obtain caller id on the TV when someone calls, climate you additionally need either a landline or a VoIP connection.


Software needed:

Amazon accountAlexa appNotifications for Fire TV app (Android only)



Setup Instructions because that the Fire TV Cube: step by Step


1. Straightforward Fire TV Cube Setup

If you have previously bespeak Amazon Echo devices, it may currently be partly configured v your Amazon account information and also Wi-Fi settingsSelect i m sorry "Amazon offers" you desire (if any). And in general, us recommend maintaining things an easy to start.


Avoid automatic Previews

Now is a great time to clean increase a couple of items that will make it less annoying as soon as you just want to look at what TV reflects are accessible WITHOUT gaining an automatically preview.

If you want to execute that, scroll down to #11: Disable Autoplay.


2. YouTube 360-degree virtual truth videos

Enjoy 360-degree videos the you can pan around.

Here is a YouTube video of the in action:

Install YouTube on her Fire TV cube & loginThere is no actual setup, simply pick a video with a 360-degree video, as explained in the YouTube video.AirPano has some good ones


3. Setup up Alexa Notifications

Here is a YouTube video clip of the in action: 


These room the measures to set up Alexa Notifications on the Fire TV CubeHold the Home switch for 5 secondsScroll over and also tap SettingsScroll throughout to Preferences and tap itScroll under to notice Settings and also tap itBe sure "Do no Interrupt" is offScroll to app Notifications and also tap itBe sure Alexa Notifications is on


These are the actions to collection up Alexa Notifications on the Fire TV making use of your phoneOpen the Alexa app on your phoneTap the 3 bars in the upper leftTap NotificationsBe certain that Announcements and also Reminders are enabledTap the back arrow double in the upper left to get earlier the very first screen



Optional: If you"d favor to inspect that this is working and also how the looks on the screen:

Tap Reminders & Alarms;Tap include Reminder and also create one that occurs soon;Add your Fire TV cube together the "Announces from" device.

You have to see the reminder popup at the moment you collection it for.


4. Descriptive Audio Settings

This provides experienced narration the what is walk on in a scene when the actors room not speaking.

This is very useful if a person"s vision is failing. The person regularly has a hard time understanding what is continue in a TV display when the actors space not speaking, In some reflects there are long dramatic pauses or just activity noises.



5. Setting up Android phone Notifications

Here is a YouTube video clip of it in action: 


Please keep in mind that you should install the application BOTH on your mobile phone and also the Fire TV Cube


These space the measures to collection up "Notifications because that Fire TV" ~ above the Fire TV CubePush the Home button on the remoteScroll left and the Search symbol (magnifying glass)Type in "Notifications because that Fire TV" app and select itClick the select buttonDownload the appClick to open itClick to close the on-screen messageAccept the termsScroll down to Info and also tap itScroll across to open Settings and make mine selections, right here are some suggestions (add figure)Turn display screen on when obtaining a notification- CheckedNotification sound- AquilaNotification Volume- 50%Notification sound duration- notification durationSaved Messages- uncheckedClick OKClick the house button


These are the steps to collection up "Notifications because that Fire TV" on your mobile phone



Install the Notifications for the Fire TV app from the play StoreFollow the setup measures for the appAccept the policyOn the "Setup Fire TV" screen (show figure)Be certain your Fire TV Cube is checkedIf you room unsure, this is the exactly Fire TV Cube…On the Fire TV CubeHold the residence for 5 secondsScroll over and select click SettingsScroll down and over to my Fire TV and click itClick AboutScroll down and select NetworkNote that the IP attend to should complement what you observed above


^^^ For example ^^^^


Grant PermissionAllow ContactsAllow phone CallsSetup notice Access



Allow notification AccessYou deserve to send a test message currently to see that everything is working



Push the cell phone phone residence button

You deserve to test your other notifications such together your Android call notifications such as calendar event. If this doesn"t work, try rebooting her phone and the Fire Tv Cube



6. Alexa incoming speak to pauses the Fire TV display (Prime Video, YouTube… Netflix is audio mute only)

In mine Dad’s nursing home everybody has their TV blasting, consisting of My Dad. Occasionally he can’t also hear me calling on a video clip chat request on his Alexa Show.

My equipment is to set up Alexa phone call so the pauses the TV show, as soon as a speak to comes in.

See my thorough "How To" at: Alexa calling Pauses TV When speak to Comes In.



7. Linking her Echo present to her Fire TV Cube

This can allow you to speak come the Fire TV Cube that is situated too much away without having actually to raise your voice.

In her Alexa app:Tap the peak left 3 barsTap SettingsScroll to TV & video and madness itTap Fire TVTap "manage devices"Tap your Fire TV and continueTap the maker you desire to link to your Fire TVTap connect DevicesTap return to Fire TVTap the "Blue Circle" to exit

Now you deserve to say the command together normal, and IF the TV is on, the command will be sent to it rather of the Echo Show

Here is a list of the commands you can say (see available commands ~ above this Amazon page):

For example…

"Alexa, clock the Mentalist"Plays ~ above Fire TV Cube… if TV is onElse… theatre on Echo Show "Alexa, watch Blue planet on Netflix"Plays top top Fire TV Cube… if TV is onElse… dram on Echo Show



8. Home Theatre Speakers

Here is a means to acquire speakers right beside your seat once watching TV.

It"s an excellent for the tough of hearing and you deserve to use any type of PAIR that the same form of speakers varying for Echo Dots come Echo Studio… but they need to be the same model

Add or pick two Echo speakers of the exact same typePlace them near your seat. They will be stereo, so place one on every side of your seat. Left & ideal setup will be tackled in the app

See also: TV also Loud because of Hearing Loss


Setup on your mobile phoneIn the Alexa app, tap tools in the lower right cornerTap the "+" in the upper appropriate cornerTap the "Set increase Audio System"Tap "Home Theatre"Select the two speakers and also tap NextChoose which is left and right and also use the swap button if necessaryTap NextChose a name, suggestion- home TheatreTap NextSelect a room (group)Tap Save


Setup on your Fire TV CubeYou must see this popup


You can watch the beat Preview or skipYou will watch a message about your Fire TV remote now managing audio volume (add figure)If you acquire a loud clicking soundTurn under your TV volumeIf you endure a Lip Sync problemHold the Home switch for 5 secondsScroll over and tap SettingsScroll over and tap display & SoundsTap on home Theatre SystemScroll under to Lip Sync TuningIt bring away a little bit of practice, however get the sphere to fall on the line in sync with the beepTap Home



9. Workaround: Ring doorbell push shows live video on Fire TV

In this setup we space using 2 devices, a Fire TV Cube to present the doorbell camera, an Echo period to relay the Alexa talked command come the Fire TV. This is compelled because, together of this writing, over there is no means for the Fire TV Cube to automatically show the Ring Doorbell camera. This suspect you currently have setup the Ring Doorbell.

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No setup is crucial on the Fire TV Cube, other than to place an Echo Dot near it so that it can hear the command. Girlfriend may later want to readjust the wake word top top the Fire TV Cube and also Echo period to something various other than "Alexa" if you have actually multiple other devices



10. Caller id on Fire TV

Here is a method for your Fire TV to screen Caller identifier on the TV display using an Echo Connect. It needs either a landline or a VoIP connection from your net provider

Setup top top the Echo ConnectFollow the Amazon indict (see this Amazon webpage)Note that many US users won"t require the "1" prefix for regional calls


If you space using a Land heat or VoIP connection, simply plug the call cable into the Echo Connect

You have the right to now check Echo attach by call the Land heat or VoIP number from an additional phone



11. Disable Autoplay

Disable Autoplay on Netflix

If you setup on utilizing Netflix, this Netflix website web page will show you exactly how to protect against Netflix Auto-Playing previews


Disable Autoplay ~ above Amazon Prime

These room the procedures to prevent the Amazon prime Auto pat feature.

Hold the Home button for 5 secondsScroll over and also tap SettingsScroll throughout to Preferences and tap itScroll down to featured Content and tap itTurn offAllow video Auto PlayAllow Audio Display

If you decision to usage a screensaver, we suggest you turn off Alexa Hints