Thank you because that visiting the Contra Costa county Fire security District website.If girlfriend live or occupational in, or regularly pass v Contra Costa County, opportunities are, we space your fire “department.” ours District, a well-known fire business leader and one that the biggest in the state, provides fire and emergency clinical services to virtually a million people across our 304 square-mile jurisdiction. With our ambulance service and mutual and also auto assist agreements, that extends to every 19 urban of the county.

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As we look back on 2020, we are proud that the resilience, professionalism, and also commitment shown by our members and our organization as a whole. Lot of what we knowledgeable was unique and also stretched the bounds of our abilities come adapt and overcome the previous year’s challenges.

In 2020, we proudly offered the public and also protected our members throughout one of the worst fire periods on record throughout a worldwide pandemic the profoundly impacted all of ours daily an individual and experienced lives.

The previous year was marked by countless successes. Perhaps most notably, we stood increase a robust and comprehensive response to the COVID pandemic in the at an early stage months and also used that structure to view us v the very daunting surge in November and December.

It was likewise an historical fire season throughout the state and we responded to through a historical level the mutual assist to the many large and terrible wildfires in Napa, Solano, and also Alameda Counties. Our own fire task was likewise at historical levels and we space fortunate our ability to respond v effective and timely firefighting pressure here succeeded in keeping numerous of our fires to manageable size with no lose of structures.

By every measures, 2020 was an excellent year. Life, and also work, in our stations and our framework was adjusted – just as that was across the communities we serve. Her firefighters and also support staff continued to show professionalism and excellence in spite of all the was dished increase in this historic year.

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I expect you’ll take it a minute to evaluation our Operational plan for 2021 in ~ the link below. It is based upon a perspective of return to normal by summer, well balanced with the issues we will certainly still confront with the pandemic. Our setup builds upon ours previous successes and will assist us in achieving the top priorities of sustaining and also moving our organization forward.

I look front to a successful and healthy 2021 for Contra Costa county Fire and also the neighborhoods we proud serve!