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ST. HELENA (CBS SF) — The raging Glass Fire roared with wine county near St. Helena Sunday night as two extr wildfires required mandatory evacuations close to Santa Rosa and left a course of brand-new destruction in a an ar already ravaged by blazes.The Glass Fire easily grew to an ext than 2,500 acres, burning through vineyards, ruining structures and driving at least 2,000 local occupants from your homes.

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On Sunday evening, a tiny army of firefighters was waging a fierce fight with the fire, do the efforts to keep it indigenous jumping the Silverado Trail, however it appeared the flames had crossed the major roadway in number of places. A wall surface of flames to be threatening the Adventist health St. Helena hospital (which had been evacuated previously Sunday) and also homes in Deer Park.

By shortly prior to 10 p.m., the fire had actually jumped both the Silverado Trail and the Napa River.

The #glassfire is jumping the river. This is Lodi Road, simply west the Silverado Trail at the Napa River. #glasscomplex

— Joe Vazquez (
joenewsman) September 28, 2020

The flames ripped through the The Chateau Boswell Winery situated on the Silverado Trail.


The fire also jumped Highway 29 near the Culinary institute of America, triggering causing obligation evacuation order for occupants living in the area west of Highway 29 native Deer Park roadway to Elmhurst and all of Spring hill Road.

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That evacuation area was expanded at 11:44 p.m. To west of Highway 29 indigenous Deer Park road to Bothe Park roadway west come the county line. Additionally, an evacuation warning was in ar for the area west that Highway 29 from Booth State Park to Diamond mountain Road west to the county line.

Flames keep relocating south… reachingLodi Lane and Silverado trail N #glassfire #DeerPark #calfire

— Kenny Choi (
KennyKPIX) September 28, 2020

Shortly after ~ 11 p.m. An previously evacuation warning because that Howell hill Road come the dead finish of Conn valley and every one of Rossi Road and Greenfield road was upgraded to a obligated evacuation order.

Two other wildfires erupted in the area Sunday night. The Boysen Fire was burning off Spring mountain Road simply west the St Helena if the Shady Fire was burning toward the west near Santa Rosa.

A growing evacuation stimulate area extends native St. Helena road — whereby the two brand-new fires sparked Sunday evening — every the method to Highway 12.

Santa Rosa Police have issued evacuation orders because that the locations of Calistoga North, Calistoga South/Skyhawk, Oakmont North, Oakmont South, Melita, Stonebridge and also Pythian. Inhabitants were told to leaving the area immediately and also head south.

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Evacuation warnings were issued for the locations of Summerfield, spring Lake, Northeast 2 and Northeast/Middle Rincon shortly prior to midnight.

There to be reports that city buses to be being used to evacuate seniors from Oakmont Village, a retirement ar near Santa Rosa and other assisted-living centers in the area.

More detailed information on the evacuation orders have the right to be discovered on the Santa Rosa Police nixel alarm page.

Two short-term evacuation points were operational in Santa Rosa at A place to pat on 2375 West 3rd Street and at the Santa Rosa Veterans building at 1351 Maple Avenue. An additional temporary evacuation allude was collection up at the Petaluma Veterans Hall.

There were reports the the Boysen Fire and the Shady Fire were close to merging after 11 p.m.

The Sonoma ar Sheriff tweeted just after midnight that residents evacuating from the Boysen and also Shady Fires need to head eastern on Highway 12 in the direction of Sonoma as website traffic traveling west towards Santa Rosa was gridlocked.

9/28 12:02 to be Head east on Highway 12 towards Sonoma if you evacuating native the #ShadyFire and also #BoysenFire. Westbound traffic towards Santa Rosa on Hwy 12 is gridlocked.

— Sonoma Sheriff (
sonomasheriff) September 28, 2020

The #GlassFire, #ShadyFire and #BoysenFire proceed to relocate rapidly west v Napa Valley in the direction of the much much more populated Sonoma County. The energetic fire former is only ~7 miles far from Santa Rosa. Remain vigilant tonight.
GreatWinter2017) September 28, 2020

On Sunday afternoon, waiting tankers — including DC-10s and also a 747 — waged a fierce battle with the flames together the fire take it a operation in Bell Canyon and toward the Bell Hill Reservoir.

Due to the topography – steep terrain v minimal accessibility – there was no means to fight the fire native the ground. It has to be indigenous air.

Glass Fire – Hotspots Locator Map. Sept. 27, 5 p.m. Click picture to enlarge

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Officials have actually issued causing obligation evacuation orders because that the adhering to areas:

Residents life in the community of Deer Park, an area that Silverado Trail cross of Larkmead Ln with Deer Park Rd and all of Crystal Springs Rd and also North Fork crystal Springs Rd.Residents living on university Avenue in ~ Howell hill Road to White Cottage road and all of Freisen Drive, consisting of all roadways west of university Avenue and also Freisen Drive, and all of Lommel Road.Residents top top Silverado Trail native Lommel road to Pickett Road.Residents on the eastside of Silverado Trail indigenous Deer Park roadway to Meadowood Road, consisting of the entirety of all roadways in between. The order had the Meadowood Resort.Residents top top the eastside the Silverado Trail native Deer Park roadway south come Howell hill Road (aka Old Howell mountain Road)Residents on Howell hill Road approximately Deer Park road to encompass all roadways off of Howell hill RoadAll residences on Conn valley RoadResidents in the unincorporated area native the 2900 block of White Sulpher Springs road (St. Helena City Limits) to the dead end and north to Spring mountain Road.Residents from 1650 southern Whitehall lane north to White Sulpher Springs Road and also west come the ar line.Residents within the city of St. Helena native Elmhurst Avenue to Madrona Ave west the Highway 29 to the St. Helena city limits.

In Sonoma county

Zone 6A1:Southwest of Highway 12East that Santa Rosa City Limits, the east boundary of Annadel State Park, and also Savannah TrailNorth that Bennett sink RoadWest of warmth Springs RoadZone 6B1:South and also west of the Napa/Sonoma county LineNortheast the Highway 12 and north that the most southern boundary the Sugarloaf Ridge State ParkNorthwest that Adobe Canyon RoadEast of Pythian Road and also Hood Mountain local ParkZone 6B2:Northeast that Highway 12Northwest of Nelligan Road/Nuns Canyon RoadWest of the Napa/Sonoma ar lineSoutheast that Adobe Canyon Road and also south that Sugarloaf Ridge State ParkZone 3G1:South that St. Helena RoadWest of the Napa/Sonoma county lineNorth that Los Alamos / Cleland Ranch RoadsEast the Calistoga RoadResidents in locations west that Highway 29 native Deer Park road to Elmhurst, and every one of Spring mountain Road.Zone 3G2:South of Cleland Ranch RoadWest of Los Alamos RoadNorth and east that Santa Rosa ar limitsEast that Calistoga RoadsZone 3G3: South that Alamos RoadWest of Santa Rosa City Limits and also Los Alamos RoadNortheast of Highway 12West that Napa/Sonoma ar Line, the easternmost border of Hood Mountain regional Park, and easternmost boundary of Los Guilicos juvenile Center. This contains Los Guilicos juvenile Center.Zone 2P1: South that Porter Creek RoadEast of mark West Springs RoadNorth the Santa Rosa City LimitsWest of Calistoga Road

After waking as much as fire alerts and messages from concerned friends, Amy Bordeau of Calistoga claimed she got hold of the exact same bag she newly used when evacuating native another nearby wildfire.

“It’s a little bit traumatizing,” she said. “I feel favor I’m constantly hit or flight.”

Deputy Matt Macomber, among several deputies at this time evacuating parts of Napa County, posted a frightening video on social media of driving under a fire-surrounded roadway in the hills.

Glass Fire: never wait til the last second to evacuate. This video is native Deputy Matt Macomber, among several deputies at this time evacuating components of Napa County.

— Napa county Sheriff"s Office (
NapaSheriff) September 27, 2020

Napa county officials have collection up evacuation facility at Crosswalk ar Church, 2590 very first Street in Napa. The sheriff’s room asked the evacuated inhabitants to clear out of the area.

“When evacuating, please leave the area,” deputies posted. “Do not stop/park in turnouts to watch the fire. Very first responders frequently need access to the turnouts to park emergency vehicles.”

Contra Costa ar fire emergency solution crews were also dispatched Sunday morning to aid with the evacuation that Adventist health St. Helena hospital. Hospital officials said KPIX they to be “safely evacuating patients to adjacent hospitals.”

The #GlassFire #GlassIncident has made its way to Adventist Health, the hospital that was evacuated this morning. Crews space trying to host the fire top top the west side of Sanitarium Rd by placing out warm spots together the fire burns up toward the road. The wind is in their favor.
KatieKPIX) September 28, 2020

Over simply a few hours since the blaze was very first reported in ~ 3:50 a.m., the fire had grown to much more than 1,200 acres v zero containment. The fire to be being sustained by tinder-dry vegetation on the landscape hillsides after ~ weeks of high temperatures and low humidity.

Videos posted on social media showed structures ablaze. Getty photos photographer Justin Sullivan posted video of one of those structures burning.

Several houses are burning together the #GlassFire has burnt close to 1,000 acre in St Helena, CA in a matter of hours.

— Justin Sullivan (
sullyfoto) September 27, 2020

Other videos were also posted top top Twitter.

Structure top top fire at #crystalfire
kentphotos) September 27, 2020

The area, located in between St. Helena and also Calistoga turn off North Silverado Rd., is residence to dozens the wineries. Amongst those endangered by flames to be Reverie Winery, Viader Winery and also Davis estates winery.

“We uncovered out this morning in ~ 4:45 that the fire began at the 200 block of crystal Springs and, considering our address is 264 it was a pretty scary moment, because that sure,” Reverie owner grant Long told KPIX 5.

Long do the spooky drive to his winery Sunday afternoon, wondering if it would certainly still be there. The neighbor’s house throughout the street is gone, yet thanks to the vineyards and also a lot of defensible space, the winery resides on.

“It was an extremely surreal because that a moment due to the fact that it’s virtually like it no here and also you have to see the to believe it and being able to pull up and see it,” the said. “It’s a blessing.”

Cal Fire stated its crews to be fighting a “vegetation fire through dangerous price of spread.” Meanwhile, PG&E said it “turned off power for about 3,000 client between approximately 4:30 a.m. And also 6:15 a.m. Sunday morning in Napa County as a precaution.

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Air assistance from tankers and also helicopters started making water and also fire retardant drops after ~ 8 a.m. Fire crews that have been battling the surrounding LNU Lightning facility fire for an ext than a month to be being hurried to the area.

#GlassFire E next Napa sink E of Silverado Trail cross of Larkmead Ln. VLAT 944 #airforce #calfire

— craig philpott (
CphilpottCraig) September 27, 2020

A photo from the #glassfire in St. Helena – yikes! At decision Springs Road. (photo credit to Caroline Garcia)

— NapaValleyChick (
NapaValleyChick) September 27, 2020

Angwin Fire officials told your local occupants to obtain prepared if they must evacuate — “Angwin is under advisory evacuation. Please consider safely departing turn off the mountain.”

The fire to be not related to the LNU Lightning complex fire i beg your pardon has melted 363,200 acre in Napa, Sonoma and also Solano counties and was 98 percent consisted of as of Saturday evening.

NWSBayArea) September 27, 2020

The area to be under a red flag fire warning for weather problems that incorporate gusty winds, low humidity and warm at an early stage morning temperatures.

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“Currently, wind gusts of in between 30 and 40 mph space being observed over 1500 feet in the North and also East Bay, and also Mount Saint Helena (elev. 4300 feet) has actually been reporting gusts together high together 65 mph at an early stage this morning,” the national Weather organization said early Sunday.