SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - 2020 to be the an initial time in an ext than a decade that fireworks shot turn off over the mountain Rushmore national Monument.

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The fourth of July event lugged thousands to the black color Hills consisting of then-president Donald Trump.

But this year’s independence Day may not be as illuminated.

The south Dakota tourism Department to be denied permission to hold another fireworks present this year.

In a letter sent to the Department, the national Park service (NPS) lists room a variety of reasons they no permitting fireworks to come earlier to mount Rushmore in 2021.

The letter acquired by Dakota News now from the NPS claims “potential risks to the park itself and to the health and safety the employees and visitors associated with the fireworks demonstration proceed to it is in a concern and are still being evaluated as a an outcome of the 2020 event.”

Opposition from the tribal areas of the area was also cited as an additional reason for no permitting the fireworks show.

Some south Dakotans we spoke through are split on the cancellation.

“It’s outside so i don’t see the factor that you recognize it should be canceled, castle should have actually it, it’s a huge deal fireworks end the presidents,” said Glenda LeBeaux, southern Dakota resident.

Others to speak they recognize the require for security precautions.

“I think also though things are beginning to a small bit back to normal in regards to COVID we still have to be extremely cautious going right into the summer and huge gatherings like that where people would come watch the fireworks even though it’s external it’s still a bit dangerous going right into summer,” claimed Rachel Speiser, an additional South Dakota resident.

Governor Noem had actually asked southern Dakota’s delegation earlier this year to press for an additional fireworks display at mountain Rushmore.

A statement from her office Friday mirrors she hasn’t offered up on the effort.

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“Governor Noem will do every little thing in her capacity to ensure that we have the right to celebrate America’s birthday with fireworks at mount Rushmore,” Ian Fury, branch Noem’s communications director.

Senators john Thune and also Mike Rounds together with Representative Dusty Johnson are likewise commenting ~ above the cancellation, issuing a joint statement that reads:

“Let’s it is in clear, this decision is political, not evidence-based, chairman Biden just said himself that Americans have the right to safely gather by July 4 – What’s changed in a day? critical year millions watched the celebration in awe, and also it’s a dead the administration is denying american that chance this year.”

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