Story Highlights fight it out Ellington featured on turning back of new quarter honoring district of Columbia Coin introduced at Smithsonian"s national Museum of American background African-Americans have showed up on commemorative coins or together minor numbers Ellington to be born in D.C. And also composed number of jazz criter



WASHINGTON ( -- The United claims Mint introduced a brand-new coin Tuesday special jazz legend fight it out Ellington, making that the first African-American to appear by self on a turn around U.S. Coin.

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Ellington, the composer of standards including "It Don"t average a point If that Ain"t acquired That Swing" shows up on the "tails" next of the brand-new D.C. Quarter. George Washington is on the "heads" side, together is usual with U.S. Quarters.

The coin to be issued to celebrate Ellington"s birthplace, the district of Columbia.

U.S. Mint manager Ed Moy presented the brand-new coin in ~ a news conference Tuesday at the Smithsonian Institution"s nationwide Museum that American History.

Members of Ellington"s household were existing at the ceremony, and also the jazz band of battle each other Ellington High school performed.

Ellington winner the honor by a poll of D.C. Residents, beating the end abolitionist Frederick Douglass and astronomer Benjamin Banneker.

also on the coin is the phrase "Justice for all." The Mint rejected the an initial inscription selection of D.C. Voters, which was "taxation without representation," in protest of the district"s absence of voting depiction in Congress.

Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington received 13 Grammy Awards and a Pulitzer Prize, among numerous various other honors. His orchestra"s theme song, "Take the A Train," is one of the best-known compositions in jazz.

Ellington to be born in the district in 1899 and composed much more than 3,000 songs, including "Satin Doll," "Perdido" and also "Don"t Get approximately Much any kind of More." "It Don"t median a thing If that Ain"t acquired That Swing" helped usher in the swing era the jazz.

Ellington performed with other famous artists, including John Coltrane, louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, and also he traveled about the human being with his orchestras.

He passed away in 1974 in ~ the age of 75.

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The very first African-American to appear on a turn coin was York, a slave who add Lewis and Clark on your "Corps of Discovery" adventures across America in ~ the dawn of the 19th century. The 2003 Missouri quarter features the three men together in a canoe top top the obverse.

The U.S. Mint distinguishes in between circulating coins, which are intended for day-to-day use, and also commemorative ones, which note special occasions.

African-Americans consisting of Jackie Robinson, who broke baseball"s shade barrier, have appeared on commemorative coins. Education Booker T. Washington, botanist George Washington Carver and also the an initial Revolutionary battle casualty, Crispus Attucks, all of whom were black, have also appeared ~ above commemorative coins, follow to the U.S. Mint.