The first baby of the new year is Elena Jean Elizabeth Iglesias, the daughter of parents Marlena Iglesias and Eugene Ripple, born 7 secs after midnight in ~ the Guam Memorial Hospital. The attending medical professional was Dr. Thomas Shieh. (Photo courtesy of Archway)

Guam is “Where America’s work Begins” and the first baby born on Guam has the distinction of gift America’s very first baby born in the brand-new Year because of the island’s geographic location.

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The very first baby that the new year is Elena Jean Elizabeth Iglesias, the daughter of parents Marlena Iglesias and Eugene Ripple, born 7 secs after midnight at the Guam Memorial Hospital. The attending physician was Dr. Thomas Shieh.

The “I Love Guam brand-new YEAR BABY” is a program produced by Archway, Inc. To identify this unique claim to fame. Due to the fact that its inception, this initiative has actually grown yearly with enhanced participation from local businesses.

“The birth of a brand-new baby is a joyful occasion that bring hope and excitement because that the years ahead. Celebrate the ns Love Guam new Year infant helps to spread out happiness and share the spirit of optimism for 2021 through the island. Also in these difficult and challenging times carried on by the pandemic, our partners once again verified their generosity and also commitment through their sort donations. It mirrors the toughness of our community and also desire to support one another, and we can’t thank our faithful partners enough for gift a component of this event year after year”, comment Mika Caldwell, Vice chairman of Archway, Inc.

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The “I Love Guam new YEAR BABY” is the happy recipient the a prize package valued at end $6,500 to incorporate an assortment of infant supplies, gift baskets, gift certificate to regional restaurants and also retail stores, cost-free fuel, and also cash.

Special many thanks to the complying with generous donors:

= 2020 NY Baby-Oz Carlin Young Gift Basket $350.00 value= 2017 NY Baby-Kylie ray Tesalona Gift Basket $100.00 value= ab Risk remedies Gift Basket $300.00 value= Ambros, Inc. Year it is provided of Huggies Diapers/Huggies Wipes and also gift basket $750.00 value= Archway, Inc. $500 Cash $500.00 value= Asia Pacific jae won Management group $100 Gift Certificate come Payless Supermarkets $100.00 value= Atkins Kroll Baby car Seat $185.00 value= AVIS $100 Gift card to Kmart $100.00 value= Bonita baby Gift Basket $150.00 value= burger King Gift Basket $150.00 value= California Pizza Kitchen $50 Gift Certificate $50.00 value= tardy Pizzeria & Pasta $50 Gift Certificate $50.00 value= Dickerson & Quinn 6 cases of Luvs Diapers/1 case of always Pads/2 situations Gain

= Laundry laundry detergent $350.00 value= GTA $150 Gift Certificate $150.00 value= ns Love Guam Gift Basket $200.00 value= Infusion Coffee & Tea $100 Gift certificate $100.00 value= Island shade & Copy hard Cover Photo publication & notice Cards $260.00 value= Island Skin Spa $50 Gift map $150.00 value= Lonestar Steakhouse $50 Gift Certificate $50.00 value= Micronesian Brokers Gift Basket $150.00 value= SPPC – 76/CIRCLE K $250 in fuel $250.00 value= The Guam Daily post 1 yearly E-Edition Subscription come The Guam everyday Post/1 eco bag comprise $2,085.88 value

= spots on the rock hiking guide, and also 2 post face masks/ complete Page full-color Ad

= Triple J enterprise Gift Bag $100.00 value= through & MIKI children’s Boutique $100 Gift Certificate to add Diapers and Baby gives $200.00 value