Together we space transforming our civilization with oh my gosh Word... one life in ~ a time by concentrating on four crucial areas:



Every week, we gather to worship a mighty God with worship and also a message by Dr. Robert Jeffress. We know that anyone worships differently, which is why we carry out two service choices in two different venues ~ above campus and also an online option for those who do not live in DFW.

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We believe it is our task to equip the saints for the job-related of the gospel. We perform this best through Sunday School and Discipleship University, i beg your pardon teach biblical fact and provide community no matter your age or life stage.



1 Corinthians 12 tells united state that we space one body and also many parts. We want to aid you uncover your spiritual gift and also an area to volunteer in the body.



We room committed to reaching our city, nation, and also world for Jesus Christ by equipping you come share the gospel through those in your day-to-day life and sending ours members ~ above mission trips. God has likewise blessed us v the capability to broadcast the good news internationally through Pathway to Victory.


Our desire at first Dallas is to develop each participant’s finish spiritual maturity in stimulate to accomplish the ultimate goal of...
As a guest of an initial Baptist Dallas, you room invited to sign up with Dr. Jeffress because that a an extremely special night at Maggiano’s in ~ NorthPark mall on...
First Step, held by Sean Beach, our combine Minister that Education, familiarizes guests and also members alike with the beliefs, ordinances,...


Dr. Robert Jeffress is an elderly Pastor that the 14,000-member first Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas and a Fox News Contributor. That is additionally an adjunct professor in ~ Dallas Theological Seminary...


Visiting because that the very first time? We have two dynamic praise experiences in downtown Dallas on Sunday mornings.

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Choir & Orchestra Led Worship

9:15AM & 11AM // worship Center


11AM // historical Sanctuary

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First Baptist Church the Dallas does no endorse or oppose any kind of candidate for political office. Instead, any type of information, videos, appearances, posts, etc. Related to any type of political object are noted for informational objectives only, and represent the an individual views or opinions that the individual expressing them, yet do no necessarily stand for the see or opinions of first Baptist Church that Dallas.
Welcome to an initial Baptist Dallas! our mission is to transform the civilization with God"s life in ~ a time. We space a church v a tradition that is constructed on the Bible, and we continue that tradition today. V multiple service times and options, and age group Sunday institution classes, we have actually something for everyone. Join us top top Sundays in person or online start at 9:30am.