Leonard Favela, right, watches together Ray Sullivan walks right into the Sutherland Springs very first Baptist Church, which was turned right into a memorial, one main after 26 human being were eliminated inside in Sutherland Springs, Texas on Nov. 12, 2017."data-ellipsis="false">

A trial come assess loss owed to family members of the victims of the Sutherland Springs church massacre started with lively witness account of the shooting.

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John Porter Holcombe testified because that several hours Monday around the horrors that Devin Patrick Kelley"s Nov. 5, 2017, assault on the an initial Baptist Church that Sutherland Springs, around 30 miles southeast of san Antonio.

Holcombe stated he was videotaping the organization that Sunday once the front door opened and also Kelley, dressed in black and with a rifle, stand in the entryway and also declared, "First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, now you space all going to die!" He claimed the next thing the heard was gunshots.

Holcombe stated he was shot a few times yet that that laid still. As soon as he felt it was safe enough, the looked around for his family and also friends yet only saw "lifeless bodies."

Among the 26 dead were Holcombe"s pregnant wife, Crystal, his 2 stepchildren, his parents, his brothers Marc "Danny" Holcombe and also an child niece. Twenty-two people were wounded yet survived.

U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez notified the trial come determine just how much the U.S. Air pressure should pay to compensate survivors and also the families of those killed. He ruled in July that the Air pressure was "60% liable" for the assault because it failed to submit Kelley"s attack conviction throughout his time in the Air force to a nationwide database, which might have prevented that from to buy the guns he used in the massive shooting.

Kelley, that was discharged from the Air force in 2014 for bad conduct, exchanged fire through an equipped resident if leaving the church. The equipped resident then got in the truck of an additional man and also they complied with Kelley together he journey away. Kelley, that lost regulate of his vehicle and also crashed, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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Sutherland Springs


Rodriguez began to hear testimony Monday in the damages phase the the case, the san Antonio Express-News reported.

Assistant U.S. Lawyer James Dingivan, representing the waiting Force, said the court Monday the "the government has no on purpose … come denigrate or i disbanded the claims of this plaintiffs, that we have the right to all agree withstood a horrific tragedy."

He claimed the federal government has currently stipulated "reasonable compensation and also reasonable treatment for several of these plaintiffs" in argued payments varying from "$400 to thousands of thousands the dollars or more."

"As come future clinical expenses, we have presented life-care plans extending future (treatment/needs) recommending numerous dollars in future medical care," Dingivan said. "We have actually proposed PTSD treatment, backed by research, because that those individuals who use it. We have actually proposed home health and wellness care, medicine, surgery … for those plaintiffs who need them."