The surname of the 26 victims of the Sutherland Springs shoot were review aloud Sunday throughout a dedication ceremony because that a new sanctuary.

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Sunday to be the an initial time the bells the the an initial Baptist Church tolled in almost two years.

In 2017, 26 people were gunned under in the little Sutherland Springs neighborhood church in what Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called the biggest mass shooting in state history. The youngest victim to be 17 months old.

Parishioners lost the security of their ar of prayer that day. This week, they got it back.


The church opened up the doors that its brand-new worship structure Sunday, i beg your pardon is 3 times the dimension of the old one, affiliate KXAN reported. Alongside the sanctuary is a memorial room, and over it, a bell restored from the old church.

“Proof that this building existing right here after everything is proof the God’s fact is the truth,” Julie Workman, a survivor of the shooting, said affiliate KSAT.

Sunday morning, together the bells rang with the building, the surname of the 26 victims were check out out loud. Workman was sitting in the second row throughout the massacre 18 month ago, KXAN reported.

“We space left below to phone call the story of oh my gosh grace and mercy and also his hand of protection that walk on that day,” she called the affiliate.

The governor was also at the service and also said top top Twitter the ceremony and also memorial “ushers in (an) era the healing for the congregation” and community.

“I have actually no doubt the God will continue to job-related through this community to create the next chapter because that the remarkable and also faithful people of Sutherland Springs,” Abbott stated in a statement.

Today’s dedication consciousness of very first Baptist Church’s new worship center and memorial ushers in a era that healing for the congregation and also for the entire ar of Sutherland Springs. Https://

— Gov. Greg Abbott (
GovAbbott) may 19, 2019

The Sutherland Springs community, Sen. Ted Cruz wrote on Twitter, “continues to inspire Texas and the entire nation with their strength, unity, and forgiveness.”

“Though over there is a dark shadow of loss and also suffering, this particular day you raise increase a new house that will certainly proudly proclaim the light of the Gospel,” that wrote.

every little thing has readjusted since

minister Frank Pomeroy, who was out of town throughout the shooting, shed his 14-year-old daughter, Annabelle. With her, the lost numerous other youngsters of the church, who he called KSAT would certainly run to get his permission come ring the bells because that Sunday school.

Eight children were killed by the gunman, as well as an unborn child.



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The worship building is virtually three time bigger than the dimension of the old church, affiliate KXAN reported
“Many of the children that rang the bell space no much longer with us,” he told the affiliate. “Our shooter had actually the propensity to seek out children. And for the reason, the bell way more now to me that it did even previous.”

there are other changes about the church too. A huge one, the fist to safety.

“We don’t desire to look prefer a fortress, yet we additionally wanted to make certain that everybody could feel for sure on the inside,” he said.

as well as cameras an installed on the inside and outside walls, the church likewise has a safety solution team, that told KXAN.

“They space going through extensive training monthly periodically weekly,” the minister told KXAN. “Just this weekend, de-escalation training.”