pastor Kevin Williams that Villa Rica an initial Baptist baptizes a new believer in a lake. Pastor Manuel, the Primera Iglesia Bautista, stands at left when Gary Eudy of ES Volunteers and also former minister of main Baptist Church in Douglasville, assists ~ above the far right. Primera Iglesia Bautista to be planted by Villa Rica an initial Baptist. VRFBC/Special

VILLA RICA — Georgia Baptist churches have actually been tested to it is in Acts 1: 8 churches. In other words, ours churches have been urged to think in terms of sharing the Gospel in your Jerusalem (their community), their Judea (Georgia), your Samaria (the U.S.A.) and also the uttermost parts of the planet (our world.)

Many have come to be Acts 1:8 churches, however the news the what God is act through very first Baptist Church in Villa Rica is exceedingly heartwarming.

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The church is getting to out to their Jerusalem (Villa Rica). The last 2 Sundays in June, according to an initial Baptist pastor Kevin Williams, the church received 64 brand-new members right into the fellowship the the church. Forty-four that the new members came on a transfer of your letter from one more church, yet 20 come on profession of faith and also for baptism.

Additionally, the church had actually an incredible Vacation bible School with 67 first-time decisions. Vacation bible Schools provide great opportunity for churches to with the following generation, the present emphasis that the Georgia Baptist Mission board – #reachingnextgen.

Recently the church all set 2,500 meals for children in the Villa Rica institution lunch program and 50-60 people yielded the lunches come the houses of the children. Every Wednesday very first Baptist is the distribution facility for the local food bank and scores the families pertained to the church for food lock likely could never purchase. ~ above Thursdays the church has actually a soup kitchen because that indigent persons in the community.

The Gospel is constantly shared in some far-ranging way with these various business ministries.

A very big number of kids in attend Vacation holy bible School at an initial Baptist in Villa Rica, whereby 67 made first-time decisions for Christ. VRFBC/Special

The church website explains that the best way to connect at first Baptist is v service. The church declares, “When we minister and also serve according to our passions and gifting, we room glorifying God, furthering His Kingdom and also fulfilling our purpose.”

The football coach at Villa Rica High school recently dubbed Williams and also asked if the team could involved the church for praise on the very first Sunday in August. Williams comment in the affirmative and agreed to feed the team after ~ the service. That will disclose 109 football players and their coaches to the hospitality that the church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When a church renders a concerted initiative to offer a community, great things happen. When you love representing Christ in your community, the ar will respond and also opportunities to present the Gospel will follow.

FBC Villa Rica is reaching out to your Judea. They newly ministered to the Georgia Baptist Children’s house by going to the campus in Palmetto and also baptizing four of the several youngsters who were conserved in the church’s Easter production: “The Promise: A passion Play.”

Williams said, “We don’t do as much in ours Judea, unless we space asked come serve one more church or invite to support an additional ministry in our state. We have 3,600 churches in Georgia and also while we room willing to help other churches satisfy their mission, us don’t desire to infringe on their turf or ministries unless we space invited to carry out so.”

A mission team from first Baptist Villa Rica started their walk down a stone pathway come a baptismal company in a lake because that the church they began in san Juan La Laguna in Guatemala. VRFBC/Special

First Baptist is likewise reaching out to your Samaria. The church’s an elderly adult choir newly returned indigenous Charleston, S.C., where they were involved in blessing the folks v their singing and service. Another team was on a mission pilgrimage to Kentucky.

Villa Rica first Baptist is additionally reaching the end to the uttermost components of the world. The church has actually just had actually a team that 60 members return from mountain Juan La Laguna, Guatemala wherein they planted a church three years ago. Nine new converts were added to oh my god Kingdom during this visit and also 48 have been baptized since the church was started in 2015. A brand-new church structure has to be constructed and the church is alive and also well.

Williams has actually helped enlist ten other pastors in Georgia and North Carolina who space helping plant additional churches in the same region where san Juan La Laguna is located.

Most Americans room probably aware of the recent volcanic eruption in Guatemala. The Fuego volcano erupted on June 3 and sent black and then red exhilaration racing over the horizon. Then there to be the lava. The sound of boiling ash and also rocks cascading under the slopes to be terrifying. Williams stated that the minister of the church in san Juan La Laguna called him the his wife and children were in their home in the path of the death-dealing lava flow.

Villa Rica first Baptist pastor Kevin Williams stands in prior of the vault church structure for Primera Iglesia Bautista and the brand-new one alongside pastor Manuel. VRFBC/Special

The pastor and his mam were able to connect by phone and also he told her to leave their home and go to an additional home nearby. The woman ran through her kids to the residence the pastor had specified.

At the last counting five communities were damaged by the eruption, 112 people have been killed, and 197 are still missing. The residence to which the pastor’s wife had actually retreated because that refuge additionally became fragile to the fiery lava flow, however they prayed because that God’s intervention. Just before the incendiary lava reached the house it parted and one present of the fiery lava happen the house on the left side and also the other on the appropriate side.

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Williams stated, “The pastor stated it was prefer God put his finger on the house and plot the land and protected them native the fiery blast.”

It was an incredible, indescribable wonder for God come spare the house and also those people, however no an ext of a miracle than the ones he is performing in ~ FBC Villa Rica Sunday after ~ Sunday and day ~ day. Over there are people being rescued indigenous an eternal fire with the preaching the Kevin Williams; and also he is no afraid to tell it prefer it is.

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