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The an initial women"s civil liberties convention in the U.S. Took ar in Seneca Falls, brand-new York. Convened by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, and also others active in the anti-slavery movement, it brought about a explanation of Sentiments modeled ~ above the statements of Independence. The Declaration demanded a range of legal rights for women, consisting of suffrage.

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton was the an initial woman to run for the U.S. House of Representatives, even though she was not eligible to vote. She ran as an independent from new York State, receiving 24 votes that 12,000 the were cast.


Victoria Woodhull, a stockbroker, publisher, and also protégé the Cornelius Vanderbilt, ran because that president the the United claims on the Equal legal rights Party ticket.

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Belva Lockwood, the first woman admitted to practice law before the U.S supreme Court, ran for president ~ above the Equal rights Party Ticket; she did for this reason again in 1888.


Oskaloosa, Kansas came to be the first town in the unified States recognized to have actually an all-woman government, v the mayor and also entire council gift female. The council included Mayor mar D. Lowman, and Councilmembers Carrie Johnson, Sadie E. Balsley, Hanna P. Morse, Emma K. Hamilton, and Mittie Josephine Golden. One year prior, in 1887, voters in Syracuse, Kansas elected women to all five seats that the city council, however a male served together mayor.

Laura Eisenhuth (D-ND) was chosen superintendent of publicly instruction, the an initial woman chosen to statewide executive office in any type of state.

The first three women elected to a state legislative branch in the country were Clara Cressingham (R),Carrie C. Holly (R), and Frances Klock (R), all in the Colorado house of Representatives.

Martha Hughes Cannon (D) was elected to the Utah State Senate, becoming the very first woman state senator in the country.

Frances Warren of Wyoming ended up being the very first woman delegate come a Republican nationwide Convention. In the very same year, Elizabeth Cohen the Utah was favored as an alternate to the autonomous National Convention. When an additional delegate became ill, Cohen came to be the an initial woman delegate to a autonomous National Convention.

Jeannette Rankin, a Republican indigenous Montana becamethe first woman ever elected to Congress. She served in the U.S. Home of Representativesfrom 1917 come 1919 and also again indigenous 1941 come 1942; a pacifist, she to be the only lawmaker come vote versus U.S. Entry right into both civilization wars.

After 72 years of struggle, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified, giving females the appropriate to vote.

The League of females Voters was started by members that the nationwide American mrs Suffrage Association as a means of encouraging notified participation by the new female electorate.

Rebecca Latimer Felton, a Georgia Democrat, came to be the very first woman appointed come the Senate, but only offered one day.While she was a suffragist, totally embracing equality of the sexes, she was also an outspoken white supremacist and also advocate of segregation that spoke the end in donate of lynching.

Florence Ellinwood Allenwas chosen Justice that the can be fried Court of Ohio, the very first woman elected to the highest possible court in any kind of state. She had actually previously to be the an initial woman assistant ar prosecutor in the country and also the an initial woman chosen to a judicial office in Ohio. Later, she became the an initial woman appointed to a commonwealth appeals court judgeship.

Soledad Chacon (D) was chosen Secretary of State in brand-new Mexico, the an initial Latina and first woman of shade to hold a statewide chosen executive office.

Emma J. Harvatwas chosen mayor that Iowa City, Iowa,the very first woman to be chosen leader that a us municipality through a population exceeding 10,000.

Cora Belle Reynolds Anderson (R) was chosen to the Michigan State residence of Representatives, the first Native American woman in a state legislature.

Bertha K. Landes, Republican city council chairman at the time, became acting mayor of Seattle, the first woman to command a major American city. Two years later on she was chosen mayor in her very own right in a campaign run through women.

Lena Springs of southern Carolina chaired the credentials committee in ~ the democratic National Convention and received several votes for the evil Presidential nomination.

In 1925, Texas branch Pat Neff confronted a dilemma: a fraternal organization had a case prior to the Texas supreme Court, yet all the justices, and virtually every eligiblejudge and also lawyer in the state, to be members the the organization and also were compelled to recuse themselves. His equipment was toseata special session of one all-woman Texas can be fried Court, consists of Hortense Sparks Ward, Ruth Virginia Brazzil, and also Hattie Lee Hennenberg. It stays the only all-woman state can be fried court in history.

Nellie Tayloe Ross, a Wyoming Democrat, became the nation"s first woman governor, chosen to change her deceased husband. She served for 2 years. Later, she became vice chair that the autonomous National Committee and also director of the U.S. Mint. At the 1928 democratic National Convention, she received 31 votes top top the very first ballot because that Vice President.

Representative Mae Ella Nolan (R-CA) became the an initial woman come chair a congressional committee when, during the 68th Congress, she chaired the Committee on expenditures in the article Office Department.

With her appointment to the West Virginia State home of Representatives, Minnie Buckingham Harper (R) became the an initial Black woman in a state legislature.

Two Latinas, Fedelina Lucero Gallegos (R) and also Porfirria Hidalgo Saiz (D), were elected to the brand-new Mexico residence of Representatives, the first Latina state legislators.

Hattie Wyatt Caraway (D-AR), appointed in 1931 to to fill a vacancy resulted in by she husband"s death, ran because that a complete term and also became the an initial woman elected to the Senate, where she offered two complete terms. She to be the an initial woman to chair a Senate committee – the Committee on Enrolled Bills, a young post.

With her meeting by chairman Franklin D. Roosevelt together Secretary the Labor, Frances Perkins ended up being the first woman ever before to serve in a presidential cabinet. She offered until 1945.

Ruth Bryan Owen, a previous congresswoman, came to be the first woman to hold a major diplomatic short article when she to be appointed by president Roosevelt as minister come Denmark. She hosted that short article until 1936, when her marital relationship to a Dane and also resulting dual citizenship made her ineligible to serve.

Minnie Davenport Craig (R-ND) came to be the an initial woman to organize the place of speaker of the home in a state legislature.

Crystal Dreda Bird Fauset (D) was chosen to the Pennsylvania State home of Representatives, the an initial Black woman elected to a state legislature.

Margaret follow Smith (R-ME) ended up being the an initial woman elected to the Senate without having an initial been appointed to serve. Blacksmith had first come to congress when chosen to to fill her deceased husband"s house seat; she walk on to be elected to the Senate in her own right. With her election to the Senate,Smith also became the an initial woman to offer in both residences of Congress.

Representative chase G. Woodhouse (D-CT) to be the an initial woman to host the place of secretary in the House autonomous Caucus.

Burnita Shelton Matthews was appointed by president Harry Trumanto offer on the U.S. Court because that the ar of Columbia, making she the first woman to serve as a federal district court judge.

Two ladies – India Edwards and Judge sarah Hughes –were proposed as autonomous Vice Presidential candidates. Both withdrew your names before the balloting for this reason the an option of presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson, senator Estes Kefauver, can be nominated through acclamation.

Charlotta Spears Basswas the first Black woman nominee for vice chairman in the unified States. She ran ~ above the gradual Party ticket, which received much less than one percent the the well-known vote in the 1952 presidential election.

Consuelo Bailey, a vermouth Republican, ended up being the very first woman ever chosen lieutenant governor of a state. In that role, she served as president of the state Senate. Sinceshe had previously served as speak of the state residence of Representatives, she thus came to be the only woman in the nation ever to preside end both chambers that a state legislature.

Patsy Takemoto Mink (D) ended up being the an initial Asian Pacific Islander woman elected to a state legislature once she winner a seat in the Hawaii Senate.

Justice Lorna Lockwood, the very first woman elected to the Arizona can be fried Court,became the an initial woman in the U.S. To serve as chief justice of a state can be fried court.

Senator Margaret follow Smith, a Maine Republican, to be nominated because that the presidency by vermouth Senator George Aiken in ~ the Republican national convention. Smith had actually campaigned briefly for the post, limiting it s her to periods once the Senate was not in session. Chosen to the home of representatives in 1940 (to replace her dying husband) and also the Senate in 1948, blacksmith had already made history by coming to be the an initial woman to serve in both houses of Congress.

Patsy Takemoto Mink, a Democrat native Hawaii, became the very first woman that color and also the first woman that Asian-Pacific Islander lower in the U.S. Home of Representatives. She served until 1977 and also was re-elected in 1990.

Constance Baker Motleywasappointedby President lindon Johnson come theUnited states District Court for the southerly District of new York, becoming the first Black mrs to offer as a federal judge.

Senator Margaret follow Smith (R-ME)became the first woman to serve as the chair the the Senate Republican Conference.

Shirley Chisholm, a brand-new York Democrat, came to be the very first Black woman to serve in Congress. She remained in the residence of Representatives until 1982.

Sophia Mitchell was appointed market of Rendville, Ohio, becoming the an initial Black mrs in the country known to serve as market of a municipality. She served for at least two much more terms, although she detailed in a later on interview that she never ran for the position and stayed on since no one else want the role.

Ellen pedestrian Craig-Jones the Urbancrest, Ohio became the an initial Black mrs to be chosen mayor by well-known vote that a united State municipality. She offered as mayor of Urbancrest from 1972-1975.

The Center for the American Woman and Politicswas founded at the Eagleton institute of politics at priziv.org, The State college of new Jersey.

Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm ran for president in the democratic primaries. At the party"s national convention, she garnered 151.25 delegate votes before Senator George McGovern clinched the nomination. In ~ the exact same convention, Frances (Sissy) Farenthold, a former Texas state legislator who twice ran for governor of the state, finished 2nd in the balloting for the evil Presidential nomination, receiving an ext than 400 votes.

Jean Westwood was called by presidential nominee George McGovern to chair the democratic National Committee. The very first woman to organize that position, she offered until just after the election, when she was changed by Robert Strauss.

CongresswomanPatsy Mink agreed to have actually her name show up on the Oregon presidential ballot to administer a communication to comment on opposition come the Vietnam War, force previous democratic front-runner George McGovern come resume his antiwar focus, and hold the state’s for free votes with each other until that is delegates reached the convention that summer. Mink received more than 5 thousand votes in the Oregon main on might 23 and smaller numbers in Maryland (573) and Wisconsin (913). She make no initiative to have actually her name placed into nomination in ~ the autonomous National Convention.

Lelia Foley-Davis was elected mayor the Taft, Oklahoma. She was extensively cited in national news reports at the moment as the nation"s an initial elected black color woman mayor. When she is no technically the first, sheis among the very very first Black ladies to offer as mayor of a municipalityin the country and also the very first Black mrs to offer as market of one all-Black town.

Doris A. Daviswas elected mayor that the City the Compton, California, making she the first Black woman market of a urban city in the unified States.

Elaine Noble (D)became the an initial openly lesbian or gay candidate elected to a state legislature. She served in theMassachusetts home of Representativesfor 2 terms beginning in January 1975.

Kathy Kozachenko ended up being the an initial openly happy or lesbian candidate come run effectively for politics office in the joined States, win a seaton the Ann Arbor, Michigan city council.

March Fong Eu (D)was elected California"s Secretary that State, the an initial Asian Pacific Islander to organize a statewide chosen executive office.

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Julia Cooper Mack was appointed by chairman Gerald Ford come the DC Court the Appeals, coming to be the firstwoman of shade appointed to a court that last will in the U.S.