"I have actually no doubt that we"ll protect against this in its tracks in the U.S," CDC director claims

The patient freshly arrived in the United states from Liberia

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A patient gift treated in ~ a Dallas hospital is the very first person diagnosed v Ebola in the unified States, health and wellness officials announced Tuesday.

The unidentified male left Liberia ~ above September 19 and arrived in the United says on September 20, said Dr. Thomas Frieden, manager of the Centers for disease Control and Prevention.

At that time, the separation, personal, instance did not have actually symptoms. “But 4 or five days later,” he began to exhibit them, Frieden said. The individual was hospitalized and isolated Sunday in ~ Texas wellness Presbyterian Hospital.

Citing privacy concerns, health officials decreased to release any kind of details around how the patient contracted the virus or how he was being treated.


An Ebola survivors participates in a study launched in Monrovia, Liberia, top top June 17, 2015. The country launched a five-year research to unravel the secret of the irreversible health effects that pester Ebola survivors.
Ebola outbreak in West Africa


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priziv.org reporter talks about covering Ebola


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Health specialists job-related in one isolation ward because that patients at the physicians Without borders facility in Guékedou, southern Guinea.
Sanjay Gupta describes Ebola virus


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CDC: us will protect against Ebola in its monitor

“I can say he is ill. That is under intensive care,” Dr. Edward Goodman of the hospital called reporters.

Frieden decreased to answer whether the patient is a U.S. Citizen. He additionally declined to say, clearly, whether the patient is a man, back he described the human being as “he” on multiple occasions.

“The patient to be visiting household members and staying with family members that live in this country,” he stated at a news conference.

However, the city of Dallas in a news release said the patience “moved to Dallas indigenous Liberia a main ago.”

The patient is thought to have had a handful of contact with civilization after showing symptoms the the virus, and also before being isolated, Frieden said. A CDC team to be en path to Texas to assist investigate those contacts, and also Texas Gov. Stack Perry will be in Dallas on Wednesday to hold a news conference.

Crew members that transported the patient to the hospital have been isolated, the cook of staff for Dallas market Mike Rawlings called priziv.org. Nobody have presented symptoms of the an illness so far.

The ambulance that brought the patient - ambulance # 37 — to be in use for two days ~ the transport yet was adequately decontaminated, stated Dallas city spokeswoman Sana Syed.

“I execute want to stress and anxiety that the paramedics adhered to national standards, together they perform after every transport, in decontaminating the ambulance,” she said. “The Dallas County wellness department has shown that paramedics go follow proper guidelines to prevent contaminating added patients.”

Frieden, too, sought come play down the threat to windy health. Over there are right now no various other suspected instances of Ebola in Texas.

“It’s a severe disease, which has a high-case fatality rate, even with the finest of care, but there are core, tried and also true public wellness interventions that stop it,” Frieden said.

“The bottom line below is the I have actually no doubt that we will control this income or this case of Ebola so that it go not spread widely in this country,” the said.

according to the CDC, Ebola causes viral hemorrhagic fever, i beg your pardon can impact multiple body organ systems in the body and is often accompanied by bleeding.

at an early stage symptoms incorporate sudden beginning of fever, weakness, muscle pain, headaches and a sick throat, every of which deserve to be easily mistaken early for various other ailments like malaria, typhoid fever and also meningitis.

Ebola is spread out by direct contact with someone sick with the virus. That way people on the patient’s trip are not assumed to be at risk, together he go not begin to display symptoms until several days after arriving in the united States, Frieden said.

he spoke about what’s being excellent at airports to assist stop the spread out of the disease.

“One the the points that CDC has done in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and also Lagos, is to work with the airports’ government so 100% that the individuals obtaining on planes are screened for fever,” the director said. “And if they have actually a fever, they are pulled out of the line, assessed for Ebola and also don’t fly uneven Ebola is ruled out.”

the added, however: “As lengthy as there continue to be cases in West Africa, the reality is the patients travel, individuals travel, and, as appears to have happened in this case, individuals may travel prior to they have any symptoms.”

just how the virus diffusion

Ebola virus: 9 things to know about the killer an illness

A number of other Americans have actually been diagnosed v the condition in West Africa and then carried to the United says for treatment.

The Ebola outbreak has been focused in the West African nations of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, despite there have been concerns about international wait travel and also other components – including the truth the symptoms might not show up until two to 21 work after one is infected – may contribute to the spread.

an ext than 3,000 world in West Africa have died after being infected through Ebola, follow to a civilization Health organization report from last week. The exact same report proclaimed that there had been 6,553 cases of the virus overall, though the number is suspected to be lot higher, given challenges in tracking and also reporting the disease.

The factor Ebola no being stopped

“I have no doubt that we’ll stop this in its monitor in the U.S. But I also have no doubt that as lengthy as the outbreak continues in Africa, we need to be on our guard,” claimed Frieden.

priziv.org’s AnneClaire Stapleton, Greg Botelho and Chelsea J. Carter contributed to this report.