There is no disputing it. The oldest hamburger restaurant chain in the United says is White Castle. The an initial White castle restaurant opened in Wichita, Kansas, in 1921. The an initial McDonald’s didn’t open up until 1948, by comparison.

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The White lock chain was started by Walter A. Anderson, who already owned 3 hamburger stands, and was able come procure a partner, Billy Ingram, that invested $700 so that Anderson can open a fourth stand. Hence was born “The White Castle mechanism of eat Houses.” recognized for its little square burgers recognized as sliders, they to be able to do 18 burgers for each lb of beef and also sold them each for a nickel. Through 1930 there were over 100 White lock stores.

The early sliders didn’t have holes in them favor they perform today. This taken place in the late 1940’s as soon as an employee noticed the burgers v holes in lock cooked faster, and also didn’t have to be flipped. This permitted the company to turn out more burgers, much more quickly. Lock patented the 5-hole meat patty in 1951. Much more than simply a tiny burger, they are cooked ~ above a bed of steam onions, so the the onion odor permeates the burgers. Towards the end of the food preparation time, the optimal buns are inserted on the food preparation burgers, so that they get steamed, oniony, and a little moist. This moist, soft, and somewhat greasy texture allows the tasty sliders to “slide down your throat” in a unique way. Although many restaurants currently feature small burgers they contact sliders, these diminutive hockey pucks v a burger-to-bun proportion that is as well high, have no relationship to the genuine White lock Slider.

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Krystal’s citizens Restaurant in Georgia. The various other slider besidesWhite Castles, and also delicious!

The OTHER tiny Square Burger

Although not many people outside the South carry out not understand this, over there is another tiny square burger other than White Castle. Through over 425 locations in the South and also Southeast, Krystal’s boasts some pretty darn an excellent “sliders” of its own, are likewise steamed in onions, but have no holes. Krystal’s was founded in 1932 in Chattanooga, Tennessee by Rody Davenport, Jr. And also J. Valley Sherril. The agency claims it is the 2nd oldest “quick business restaurant chain” in the U.S., although ns haven’t researched this further to uncover out precisely what they mean. Regardless, as soon as I was cultivation up in the south, a 12 burger sack of Krystal’s burger to be akin to sky on Earth. I’ve had actually Krystal’s and also White Castle’s, and, come me, they room both equally addictive.

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