It’s almost time to hang up those winter coats. The season of flower blossoms, pastel colors, playoff basketball and Easter egg hunting is ~ above us.

This year, the very first day of spring – additionally known as the vernal equinox – drops on march 20. Here’s what you should know around the occasion.

those the feather equinox?

The vernal quinox marks among the two times a year once day and also night are virtually the same length. The ax equinox comes from the Latin indigenous equinoxium, which means “equality between day and also night.”

This phenomenon occurs once the facility of the sunlight is directly over Earth’s equator.

The feather equinox signals the the north Hemisphere of the earth has begun slowly tilting toward the sun, causing longer days and more sunlight, according to NASA.

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Matt Cardy/Getty pictures
Druids wait because that the sun to increase as castle celebrate the feather equinox in ~ Stonehenge.

when is it, exactly?

The specific time of the astronomical start of spring is Wednesday at 5:58 p.m. ET. If you in a various time zone, you can check what time the starts ~ above the us Naval Observatory’s website.

Is anything unique happening?


Owen Humphreys/PA Wire/Zuma press
Whitley Bay, UK - A full moon sets near Whitley just in the united kingdom on February 19 together the sun starts to rise, ahead of the super snow moon top top Tuesday evening
The last supermoon of the year occurs as an asteroid zips nearby by

The night sky will bright a tiny brighter 보다 usual.

There will certainly be a full moon ~ above Wednesday at 9:43 p.m. ET, just a couple of hours after ~ the main start the spring. That the very first time since 1981 the the spring equinox and a complete moon coincide top top the same day.

This complete moon is additionally extra special since it will certainly be a supermoon. That means the moon will appear larger 보다 normal due to the fact that of its close proximity to Earth.

Is the feather equinox constantly on the same day?

No, however it doesn’t vary by much. The feather equinox always occurs in the north Hemisphere on march 19, 20 or 21.

The date of the equinox alters from year come year come account because that the fact that the earth doesn’t take exactly 365 job to make a complete transformation around the sun. The Gregorian calendar to add a leap day every four years come account because that this, and the spring equinox date varies for the exact same reason.

how do world celebrate it?

People across the globe mark the occasion in assorted ways.


Elizabeth Ruiz/AFP/Getty pictures
Thousands surround the Kukulkan pyramid in ~ the Chichen Itza historical site during the celebration event of the spring equinox.
The vernal equinox also is the Persian new Year, recognized as Nowruz (and other spellings). For more than 300 million people an international it’s the start of a monthlong solemn event of new beginnings.

In Chichen Itza, Mexico, thousands conference at the Kulkulkan pyramid. In the late afternoon, the sun creates a shadow that looks prefer a snake sliding under the north staircase.

and in Stonehenge, England, pagans, druids and tourists clock the it s as beautiful as picture sunrise in ~ the ancient monument.

Holi, a significant festival in India the marks the begin of spring, additionally begins on march 20 this year. During Holi, world come together for song, dance and to splash your loved ones v colored powder and also water.

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