Stock cars wait for the stock automobile race to begin on the beach-road food at Daytona Beach, Fla., 1956. (AP Photo)

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Something about Florida have to breed crazy. And also nothing claims Florida choose a day at the beach—especially if it requires driving at dangerously high speeds.

The sands of Daytona Beach have actually attracted drivers because the early on 20th century. British daredevil sir Henry Segrave set the human being land rate record below in 1927, and also again in 1929 once he pushed his golden Arrow come 231 mph. In the 1930s a section of the beach to be coopted as one-half of an oval shame track because that stock automobile racing—the beginning of an yearly event which would eventually end up being the Daytona 500.

In beforehand days, races were ill-planned and also disorderly affairs. The first race, in 1936, had to be called at 75 laps due to overcrowding and also degraded sand conditions. Over the years the followed, event promoters would consistently cheat chauffeurs by skipping out after races without payment anyone—a practice which was so common it motivated the formation of NASCAR in 1948 as a means to standardize the system. By then the beach to be hosting countless races each year, however the cultivation crowds and increased shoreline development meant NASCAR needed a new home. The Daytona beach course hosted its critical races in 1958. A year later on the inaugural Daytona 500 would certainly be hosted 12 miles away at the newly built Daytona worldwide Speedway.


Sir Henry Segrave motoring his golden Arrow under Daytona beach in 1929. (National engine Museum/Getty)

A summary postcard indigenous 1911 mirroring cars and airplanes racing down Daytona Beach v the Clarendon Hotel in the background. (H. Marshall Gardiner/LOC)


Cars leave the south turn of the Daytona Beach-Road Course throughout the 1954 NASCAR Cup race. Tim Flock’s (#88) 1954 Oldsmobile take it the checkered flag yet was disqualified for an transformed carburetor, handing the win to Lee Petty. Curtis Turner (#14), also in a 1954 Oldsmobile, finished the event in third. (ISC pictures & Archives/Getty)

A 1955 aerial check out looking southern on the 4.2-mile Daytona Beach road Course with cars beginning the phibìc turn. Around 80 cars started the event, which to be won by Banjo Matthews. (ISC images & Archives/Getty Images)
1: Red Farmer’s #61 catches air ~ hitting a pothole in 1953. (AP/James P. Kerlin) 2: Cars heap up at the north revolve in 1954. (AP Photo)
Bub King (R) journey this 1952 Hudson come a 21st place complete in the NASCAR Cup gyeongju in 1953. (ISC pictures & Archives/Getty)
Driver Bobby Sall is hurled native his car during a test run in 1936. The automobile turned over two or 3 times. Sall was knocked unconscious yet uninjured. (AP Photo)
George Roeder lies unconscious ~ above the monitor after he to be thrown native his motorcycle throughout the 200-mile nationwide championship in ~ Daytona beach in 1958. He was brought from the track, however later got back into the race. (AP/Preston Stroup)
Curtis Turner poses with his trophy cup ~ winning the Convertible Stock automobile Race at Daytona coast in 1956. (AP Photo)

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An main waves the checkered flag together driver Danny Eames wins the ‘Flying Mile’ stock auto race in a dodge D-500 ~ above the beach at Daytona, 1956. (Walter Bennett/Getty)