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The phase is set prior to the very first presidential controversy at Magness Arena at the college of Denver in Denver, Colorado, October 3.
A look in ~ 7 different fact examine moments indigenous Sunday night’s debate in between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Check out the full post at

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ST LOUIS, MO - OCTOBER 09: Republican presidential nominee Donald trump listens throughout the town hall debate at Washington university on October 9, 2016 in St Louis, Missouri. This is the 2nd of 3 presidential disputes scheduled before the November 8th election. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Donald Trump and also Hillary Clinton traded insults in what may have actually been the nastiest conflict in history.

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Clinton top top Trump: "He has a long record the engaging in racialism behavior"

Hillary Clinton forced Donald Trump ~ above defense end his temperament, refuse to release his taxes and also his previous comments around race and also women throughout a fiery debut presidential dispute Monday – a perhaps pivotal moment in a tight choice campaign.

Clinton, who has seen her dominance of the presidential race fade in the weeks since the democratic convention, ceded a solid performance in which she demonstrated a command that policy and a feeling of humor, laugh through few of Trump’s the strongest attacks. She ceded the best zinger of the night in solution to criticism indigenous Trump for continuing to be off the campaign trail recently.

“I think Donald simply criticized me for preparing because that this debate,” she said. “And yes, ns did. And you know what else I prepared for? I ready to it is in President. And also that is a an excellent thing.”

Trump came out swinging in ~ the start of the debate, and also made some reliable points top top the economy and also jobs – several of the elements of his outsider presidential project that have actually struck a chord with numerous Americans. But the conflict highlighted Trump’s propensity to make false claims as that made inaccurate explanation on every little thing from laws about policing, his assistance for the Iraq War and also his contention that Clinton to be behind the so-called birther conspiracy.’s Reality examine Team vets the claims at the first debate

appearing in the “spin room” ~ the conflict to talk to journalists, Trump said he to be happy through his performance.

“It went better than I ever before thought,” that told’s Dana Bash.

A poll of dispute watchers exit after the event discovered 62% felt Clinton won compared to 27% for Trump. The poll says the dispute audience to be a bit much more Democratic than the public as a whole, about on par with the democratic tilt in the audience the watched the very first debate in 2008 between Obama and also John McCain.

one of the most powerful moments of the dispute came as soon as the conversation focused on the so-called birther dispute following Trump’s current acknowledgment the President Barack Obama to be born in the united state – a reality that has been evident for years. Through Trump standing just a few feet native her, Clinton blasted him for perpetuating a “racist lie.”

“He has actually a long record the engaging in racist behavior,” Clinton claimed as trump shook his head.

Trump struggle back, note Clinton’s hard critiques of Obama throughout their bitter 2008 major battle.

’Holier than thou’

“You treated him with devastating disrespect and I clock the means you talk now about how lovely every little thing is … it doesn’t occupational that way,” he said. “When you try to plot holier 보다 thou, it yes, really doesn’t work.”

together the dispute ended, Clinton hammered Trump over his treatment of women.

“This is a guy who has dubbed women pigs, slobs and dogs,” Clinton said.

She accused trumped of calling a Latina contestant in a beauty contest “Miss Piggy” and a housekeeper due to the fact that of she ethnicity, seemingly throw Trump off as he twice asked “Where did you discover this?”

that is Alicia Machado? former Miss Universe said Trump dubbed her miss out on Piggy

Clinton repeatedly sought to exactly Trump’s statements – going so far as referring viewers to truth checks on her website – as she aimed to portray him as out that touch v the complexities of the American economy.

“I know you live in your own reality,” she called Trump.

Clinton and also Trump opened the dispute on a positive keep in mind by shaking hands before stationing us behind their podiums in ~ Hofstra university on brand-new York’s long Island. Their spouses, former President invoice Clinton and Melania Trump, likewise greeted every other before taking their seats in the conflict hall.

from there, the drama easily unfolded.

An progressively angry trump card slammed Clinton for placing her plans to fight ISIS on her website – and also thereby tipping off America’s enemy.

“Well, at least I have actually a arrangement to struggle ISIS,” Clinton responded, introduce to his vault statements that he has a “secret” arrangement to ruin the terrorist group.

Battling end taxes

Clinton additionally hit Trump end his refuse to relax his tax returns.

“Why i will not ~ he relax his tax returns?” Clinton asked.

“Maybe he is not as affluent as he claims he is,” she go on. “Maybe he is not as charitable as he cases to be,” “Maybe that doesn’t desire the American people to recognize that he has paid naught in federal taxes.”

Clinton pressed trump card on the issue, speak “There is something that is hiding.”

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Trump replied that he would certainly release his taxes when Clinton make public 33,000 emails the were turned off from her exclusive email server. As soon as Clinton stated that Trump had actually paid no federal revenue tax in part years, Trump responded “That renders me smart.”

Clinton also set about Trump’s company record, mentioning that the had dubbed himself “The King of Debt” and accusing the of “stiffing” thousands of home builders who did job-related for his business.

once the conflict turned to gyeongju issues and also crime, Clinton stated that it was important for police to work together with local communities to gain back trust.

trump card accused Clinton the refusing to say the phrase “law and also order” and also bemoaned the state of inner cities. He said that African-Americans and also Hispanics were “living in hell.”

“You walk under the street, you gain shot,” trump said.

Clinton rebuked trump card for painting “such a dire picture” of black communities.

project at a an important point

Trump and Clinton are encountering off with the project at a vital point, as the race is a dead warm just 43 days before Election Day.

A poll released Monday found Trump edging Clinton 42% come 41% in the critical battleground state of Colorado among likely voter in a four-way race. In Pennsylvania, another crucial state, the poll uncovered Clinton in a digital tie against Trump amongst likely voter at 45% to 44%.

The previous secretary of state is relying ~ above both claims to help pave her way to the 270 electoral votes needed to success the White House.

Nationally,’s poll of Polls finds Clinton and also Trump neck-and-neck 44%-42%.

controversy prep

The rivals spent the job preparing because that their big battle.

Clinton participated in mock debates with her tart-tongued former aide Philippe Reines playing Trump. In one practice debate, Reines suspect the character of the unpredictable nominee by praising Clinton for her duty as a pioneer because that women, campaign sources said.