Bo, the Obama’s an initial Pooch, has a legacy to live up to in Laddie Boy, the family pet of president Harding

As first Dog, Laddie young was worthy that an main portrait. Library of congress

UPDATED: April 13, 2009

Over the Easter weekend, a closely guarded White House an enig leaked out: The Obama girls, Malia and also Sasha, lastly have a puppy. His surname is Bo, and he’s a six-month-old Portuguese water dog. Just hrs after his identification was revealed, Bo was already an net sensation. However he won"t it is in the very first celebrity White home dog. That honor goes to Laddie Boy, an Airedale terrier who was the pet of president Warren G. Harding and his wife, Florence.

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Though over there were plenty of presidential pets prior to him, Laddie boy was the an initial to receive consistent coverage indigenous newspaper reporters. "While nobody remembers him today, Laddie Boy"s modern fame place Roosevelt"s Fala, LBJ"s beagles and Barney shrub in the shade," states Tom Crouch, a Smithsonian college historian. "That dog got a vast amount of attention in the press. There have actually been famed dogs since, yet never anything like this."During your time in the White House, indigenous 1921 to 1923, the Hardings consisted of their dog in practically every facet of their day-to-day lives. Once Harding golfed with friends, Laddie boy tagged along. Throughout cabinet meetings, the dog sat in (perched ~ above his own chair). At fundraising events, the very first lady typically had Laddie young make appearances. The dog was such a influential White house personality the the Washington Star and also the New York Times seemed to run stories around the terrier virtually daily in the months after Harding take it office. In a 39-day period in the spring of 1921, these are just some that the headlines that showed up in the Times:

"Gets Airedale as Mascot""Laddie young a Newsboy""Trees White home Cat""Laddie boy Gets Playmate"

Born ~ above July 26, 1920, at the Caswell Kennels in Toledo, Ohio, Laddie boy was 6 months old once he landed on the White residence on in march 5, 1921, the day after Harding"s inauguration. A sit U.S. Senator from Marion, Ohio, Harding had won the 1920 presidential election through 60 percent of the famous vote. Harding, who had brought his relaxed and also informal work layout to the presidency, instructed his staff to lug Laddie young to the as soon as the was ceded to the White House. The staff obeyed, interrupting Harding"s an initial cabinet conference to unveil the terrier. "With many manifestations that pleasure, the chairman led his new pet into his office, wherein he made self at home," created a Times reporter on march 5.Will the future Obama dog gain the kind of Oval Office accessibility that Laddie young had? If Barack Obama is together besotted v his dog as Harding was v Laddie Boy, possibly. However it"s probably fair come say the Obama would certainly not be getting a dog had he not promised his daughters a puppy to consist of for the inconveniences castle endured throughout the presidential campaign. "I guess I"m a little disappointed that he didn"t have actually a dog previously," says Ronnie Elmore, combine dean of the college of Veterinary medicine at Kansas State University, that has developed a side career together a historian of presidential pets. "And then that it has taken so lengthy to acquire the dog. There space kennels in the White House, and a dog might be assimilated into the White house scene an extremely quickly and also without any type of real responsibility for the Obamas various other than to play v the dog as soon as in a while."The White home kennels existed in Laddie Boy"s day, however the Airedale appears to have actually spent tiny time there. The was too busy roaming the White home living quarters, wherein the Hardings doted on him favor the kid they never ever had—together. Prior to her marital relationship to Harding, Florence had actually struggled to support herself as an unwed mother after giving birth to a son as soon as she was 20. As soon as the young was 4 years old, he was sent out to live through Florence"s well-off parents, who raised the child as your son. As for Harding, transparent his marriage, he relentlessly—and successfully—pursued sexual relationships with various other women, at least one of who bore that a child.Tall and also handsome, Harding definitely looked presidential, and he to be an eloquent speaker, yet he likely would not have actually won the White residence without the assist of the ambitious Florence, who was five years his senior. Prior to beginning his politics career, Harding had been the owner of a struggling newspaper in Marion. ~ marrying Harding, Florence did her finest to lug order to her husband"s private and professional lives. Under her professional management, Harding"s newspaper ended up being profitable. No wonder Harding referred to his wife as "the Duchess." "Psychologically, they were a whale the an exciting couple," says chronicler Crouch.

However lot Florence make the efforts to save her husband on the right path, she was unable to stop the scandals that would rock his administration.

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Harding appointed several of his friends come his cabinet, plenty of of whom were no worthy the a president"s trust. If Harding"s cabinet contained the future 31st president, Herbert Hoover, together secretary the commerce, it likewise had Albert fall as secretary of interior, that rented federal land come oil carriers in exchange for an individual loans.