HGTV"s "Flip or Flop" adheres to divorced couple Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack as they navigate house flipping in southerly California, consisting of Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, and also Hollywood, via The Cinemaholic. We just can"t get sufficient of the ex-couple because, let"s confront it, their dating life is simply as amazing as the former couple"s earlier and forth banter. We also can"t stop watching each pair separately top top their very own shows — Christina ~ above her present "Christina top top the Coast" and also Tarek top top "Flipping 101 w/ Tarek El Moussa."

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While we understand that HGTV loves to attribute shows the have married couples (think Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent of HGTV"s "Nate and Jeremiah by Design" and Erin and also Ben Napier that "Home town Takeover"), there"s just something extra unique (or maybe dramatic) about former couple Tarek and Christina that really keeps viewers interested — alleged consisting of lash-outs top top set, per People. So, v that, have you ever wondered what the finest episode the "Flip or Flop" is? 

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The first episode that Season 7, "A Deceiving Deal," is the most motivating on "Flip or Flop." The Whittier, California 1,200 square foot, three-bedroom, two-bathroom residence was one of those homes that seemed to have a lot going because that it — but uncovered a slew of worries once inside, every HGTV. Unfortunately, the house was left a dilapidated mess by the tenants.

Tarek El Moussa initially wanted to put down $350,000 come $360,000; however, the seller want $370,000, every With comparable sales in the area in ~ $500,000, the ex-couple wasn"t initially worried since it is close to Los Angeles and Orange County, but the home"s problems made it challenging. The home had huge clutter in every room. The kitchen also had a raw turkey carcass sit on the counter for what Christina Haack approximated to be for years.

All funny organization aside, the duo had to address a cracked structure that set them back $4,000, replacing the old roof and also the not correct marble flooring mounted in the wash room and bathrooms. Thankfully, the exes didn"t rip the out and re-painted the walls instead. All in all, the former couple spent $95,000 top top renovations and also ended up marketing the residential property for $530,000, according to No bad!