Maybe you remember following along with the an excellent Dwayne Johnson/Vin Diesel Feud of 2016, or maybe you had much better things to execute with your life than rubberneck at the sight of two beefy A-listers sniping in ~ each various other over Instagram. (In i m sorry case, great for you.) Still, one of two people way: i’m assuming you’re conscious that yes sir a brand-new Fast & Furious movie coming the end this week. And that you additionally know the it’s starring Dwayne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs and also his new best frenemy, Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw. And not Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto or the remainder of his expanded – every together now – family.

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Now, technically, this is just a spinoff, together the Fast & Furious series morphs into an extended, Marvel-style Cinematic Universe. But with Hobbs & Shaw spring every little bit like a de facto Fast & Furious 9 (or, in ~ the an extremely least, 8.5), right down to its non-stop barrage of gravity- and also logic-defying vehicular stunts, the time come at least entertain the opportunity that Johnson’s bring away over as the new face that this franchise.

So, we’ve decided to take it a look earlier through the receipts – all the news stories, aer red carpet interviews, and passive-aggressive Instagram short articles – in stimulate to figure out specifically how, and also when, Johnson effectively stepped in together this franchise’s new alpha, even though he just joined the “family” in Fast Five. It is right: the time to reheat some leftover beef!

2001-2006: The original trilogy

OK, therefore yes, after ~ the first Fast and also the Furious aided transform Vin Diesel right into an actual, honest-to-God movie star, and not just some outright dude with a ridiculous stage name, Vin decreased to present up for the sequel, citing involves with the script. (Which, same.) But, complying with two lackluster Diesel-less outings, one thing ended up being extremely clear: this franchise just didn’t occupational without Vin.


2009: Fast & Furious (AKA the 4th one)

Led through Diesel – currently on the payroll together a producer – the an initial family the illegal street gyeongju heists all agreed to return for a pseudo-reboot the promised to refresh the franchise. Producer Vin’s very first order of business? Convincing Paul pedestrian to come ago into the fold. Or in various other words, there is no Diesel, this collection likely would’ve stalled out at #3 and also that would’ve been that.

July 2010: Filming starts on Fast Five

Looking come inject part fresh blood into the franchise, and, ~ above the referral of – i shit you no – part randoms ~ above Facebook, Diesel rental Johnson, then just another retired-wrestler-turned-wannabe-action-hero, to play the Fast Five heavy, a gibberish federal certified dealer tasked through bringing Dom and also his team down. And also that’s as soon as Producer Vin made his first crucial mistake: never ever hire a man who renders your scenes with each other look favor the life embodiment of the girlfriend Vs. The man She said You not to Worry around meme.

Summer 2010: Hobbs vs. Dom: ring 1

Our very first inkling there could be a future beef a-brewing came reasonably early on, once a mid-movie fight between Johnson and Diesel’s personalities reportedly had actually to be painstakingly choreographed to ensure that – also though Johnson has actually a good 6 customs on Vin – their two personalities were same matched sparring partners. (And simply so everyone knows, Dom totally could’ve eliminated Hobbs v that wrench if that wasn’t because that his sister.)

April 29, 2011: Fast Five comes out

And therefore did the reviews, i beg your pardon – besides reveling in the gleeful insanity the a franchise around street racing unexpectedly morphing right into a movie around automotive super-soldiers – universally credited Johnson for re-igniting the dice franchise. What Vin is may be brooding end a copy that Variety and a six-pack of Corona.

May 24, 2013: Fast & Furious 6 premieres

Thanks to those rave reviews, it was a no-brainer to get Johnson earlier for a sequel. Just this time – twist! – Hobbs and Dom now uncover themselves ~ above the very same team. Still, the movie renders it abundantly clear that it’s Hobbs who needs Dom’s assist here, no the other means around, OK? Verdict: tho Vin’s franchise, but it’s gaining murkier.

March 29, 2015: “Franchise Viagara”

While hosting SNL for the 4th time, Johnson delivers whole monologue around his newfound status as “Franchise Viagra,” taking credit for single-handedly reviving the Fast franchise (among others). Shots fired!

April 3, 2015: Furious 7 premieres

Following Paul Walker’s tragic fatality during filming, Hobbs has actually now end up being a evidenced member of the prolonged Toretto family members – even earning a hospital visit indigenous Dom after getting blown the end of a second-story window. In hindsight, probably confining Johnson’s personality to a hospital bed for the better part that the movie deserve to be seen as a pre-emptive power play ~ above Vin’s part. Yet then again, Johnson additionally gets come flex the end of his cast before riding in together the cavalry, so. Yeah. Advantage: Johnson.


May 17, 2015: The absent drops the mic

During a press conference for San Andreas, Johnson’s inquiry if he is planning to go back to the franchise because that the unavoidable Furious 8. His answer? “Of course. The can’t go on without Hobbs.” i mean, he’s not wrong. But still.

Fall 2015: The spinoff rumours start

And there’s only one name the keeps popping up… Tyrese. Simply kidding. That obviously The Rock.

August 9, 2016: “Candy Ass”-Gate

The first real point out that maybe the Fast & Furious household wasn’t together tight as they appeared onscreen came from a since-deleted Instagram write-up by Johnson, wherein he called out several of his masculine co-stars as an unprofessional “candy asses,” emotional off some as necessary fast and furious speculation. Go he typical Statham? Tyrese? Scott Eastwood? …Ludacris? It didn’t take lengthy to get the answer: it was Vin, through the two apparently beefing end who obtained to be the franchise alpha.

August 10-11 2016: The rotate cycle

“Sources close to the production” – AKA Johnson and also Diesel’s publicists – invest the remainder of the mainly leaking story to the press. People hears that the feud stems from The Rock showing up late come set, or no at all. Web page Six pins it on Diesel, saying he’s the one exhilaration “like a diva.” Johnson make the efforts to claim the high soil first, v an Instagram post around respect, the worth of distinctions of opinion, and, the course, family. Diesel, meanwhile, weighs in with an Instagram video clip of his own, around what’s really crucial in life. Spoiler alert: that family. 

April 7, 2017: Vin squashes the beef (sort of)

A week before The Fate and also the Furious is set to come out, Diesel uses an olive branch via a USA Today interview call Johnson family members (of course), while all at once reminding The absent of his place by calling self Dwayne’s “big brothers in this film world.” The subtext is clear enough to drive an American muscle vehicle through: this is still Vin’s franchise, and also he’s going come do whatever it takes to make sure it remains that way.


April 14, 2017: The Fate of the Furious premieres

And, in a plot the mirrored actual life closely enough come lead some to assume the entire Rock/Diesel beef was some sort of meta publicity stunt, this time it was Dom do the heel revolve – top Hobbs and the remainder of the family to team up against their former leader. Meanwhile, on the red carpet, everyone remained on their best behaviour. “We quiet love each other,” Vin promised entertainment Tonight.

Fall 2017: The spinoff rumours get even louder

Fresh off an additional hit sequel, and with Dom and his crew seemingly having actually nowhere left to go (other than space), chatter around a solo Hobbs movie starts choose up speed. Leave Tyrese to run in through a collection of Instagram write-ups of his own begging Johnson not to walk solo.

October 4-5, 2017: Fast 9 gets thrust to 2020

In order to accommodate – yup, girlfriend guessed it – the now-officially announced Hobbs & Shaw spinoff. And also Tyrese to be – you guessed it – no happy. Yet when the dust settles, the official: Johnson gets to title his very own Fast & Furious movie. If Vin sits on the sidelines.

November 01, 2017: Tyrese lays under an ultimatum

Calling Johnson a “clown” and announcing on Instagram the if The absent is in Fast 9, he won’t be. No one appears to take any kind of issue v that arrangement. Sorry Tyrese.

July 12, 2018: The absent delivers a knockout blow

Asked about the Diesel feud (and its own subsequent Tyrese spinoff) on Watch What happens Live, Johnson ceded a blow an ext crushing than any he ever administered in the ring: “That entirety thing through Tyrese was pretty disappointing. A beef requires two civilization to in reality jump in it and it was really one-sided.” Oof.

June 7, 2019: man Cena join the Fast family

It’s announced that john Cena will officially be part of the actors for Fast & Furious 9. And Johnson will… not. (Advantage: Tyrese.) yet at this point, that might currently be too late. Because…


August 2nd, 2019: Hobbs & Shaw comes out

With Johnson on board as a producer, leaving Dom and his crew behind permits The Rock and also Fast franchise writer/de facto architect chris Morgan to lean even further right into the globe-trotting, Rock-headlined action franchise this series has slowly advanced into – hell, that takes a great half-hour before we also get to the movie’s first car chase. Still, Hobbs & Shaw is an extremely much a Fast & Furious movie at heart, right down to the improbable car-fu, well-timed NOS bursts, and sunset heart-to-hearts end a beer.

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Johnson also manages come co-opt Vin’s entirety family point by introducing Hobbs’ an extremely own appropriately-badass Samoan clan – no to mention really Mia-and-Brian-esque “Will castle or won’t they” through Shaw’s younger sister (Vanessa Kirby). Because, see, 18 years later, this franchise is still all around family. Simply not Vin’s anymore.