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After a 2020 year and season the was anything however normal for the NFL, the 2021 season is getting here in a more conventional fashion.

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Granted, the COVID-19 pandemic is quiet ongoing. That has created some symptom for teams as far as football player landing top top the COVID list. However, the begin of the NFL season doesn"t show up to it is in in jeopardy as it was this time last year.

And in 2021, the NFL preseason is do its triumphant return, despite it will certainly be a three-game work henceforth due to the fact that of the league"s switch to a 17-game season. Still, those three gamings will it is in far more preparation with live video game reps than teams had actually in 2020, so that should aid teams to operate a little bit smoother the end of the gate.

Yes, things are starting to get ago to regular in the NFL on the field, however off the field, they space as well. The league is planning on letting fans earlier into stadiums this season and also surely hopes there will be fewer game postponements than in 2021.

Here"s every little thing you should know about the mainly 1 schedule, consisting of the very first game that the 2021 NFL season and the finest matchups to watch.

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When go the NFL season start in 2021?

Date: Thursday, Sept. 9Game: Cowboys at BuccaneersKickoff time: 8:20 p.m. ET

The 2021 NFL season-opener will broadcast live Thursday, Sept. 10 on NBC featuring the network"s "Sunday Night Football" crew the Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth.

The Buccaneers will open the season at home as the defending Super bowl champions. That has, largely, to be a legacy for the NFL to schedule the defending Super key champion come play the Thursday night opener. Critical season, the Chiefs win the Texans to kickstart the season behind a solid effort from Patrick Mahomes and also Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

This year, Tom Brady will certainly look to start his age-44 season v a win while Dak Prescott will certainly look to return indigenous an ankle injury that restricted him to five games critical season. Both teams have high-flying offenses, however the Bucs sports the much better defense and also thus should have the benefit in the contest. 

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NFL schedule mainly 1

Thursday, Sept. 9

GameKickoff timeTV channel
Cowboys in ~ Buccaneers8:20 p.m. ETNBC

Sunday, Sept. 12

GameKickoff timeTV channel
Jaguars in ~ Texans1 p.m. ETCBS
Chargers in ~ Washington football Team1 p.m. ETCBS
Seahawks in ~ Colts1 p.m. ETFox
Jets at Panthers1 p.m. ETCBS
Vikings at Bengals1 p.m. ETFox
Cardinals at Titans1 p.m. ETCBS
49ers at Lions1 p.m. ETFox
Steelers at Bills1 p.m. ETCBS
Eagles in ~ Falcons1 p.m. ETFox
Browns in ~ Chiefs4:25 p.m. ETCBS
Packers at Saints4:25 p.m. ETFox
Broncos in ~ Giants4:25 p.m. ETFox
Dolphins in ~ Patriots4:25 p.m. ETCBS
Bears in ~ Rams8:20 p.m. ETNBC

Monday, Sept. 13

GameKickoff timeTV channel
Ravens in ~ Raiders8:15 p.m. ETESPN

Per usual, the NFL season will start on Thursday however it won"t conclude v its normal "Monday Night Football" doubleheader. For the an initial time due to the fact that 2005, the NFL will have actually just one Monday Night Football game, with the Raiders and Ravens taking facility stage at Allegiant ar in Vegas. That will certainly be the an initial NFL video game with pan in the Raiders" new stadium.

The rest of the main 1 matchups will take ar on Sunday, through nine games developing in the 1 p.m. ET slate and also four beginning at 4:25 p.m. ET. There space plenty the intriguing games on the slate, yet the stand-out video game will be between the Chiefs and also the Browns.

Cleveland played Kansas City close during their 22-17 ns in the AFC Divisional round of the playoffs, however Patrick Mahomes exited that game with one injury. Have the right to the enhancing Browns close the gap with Mahomes ~ above the ar for 4 full quarters? It will certainly be a test because that them on the road in what could be a high-scoring battle.

The Packers-Saints dispute will be amazing as well, as viewers will acquire a first look at the post-Drew Brees Saints when Aaron Rodgers is coming off an offseason-long holdout and still has actually some stress with the Packers. Will certainly Sean Payton have the ability to pull off the success at residence with inquiries at quarterback? and also will Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill start? Those space the huge questions that new Orleans is facing.

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The last Sunday game, bears at Rams, need to be a good one. Matthew Stafford deals with off versus a acquainted opponent v an unfamiliar team in his Rams debut. Will certainly Justin fields be starting for the bear at that point? That"s not what they"re planning however stranger things have actually happened. Both groups have strong defenses, for this reason this might be the station of the Browns-Chiefs game.