1 Dead, 1 injured After doubt DUI Head-On Collision in Santa RosaPolice in Santa Rosa said one human being was killed and one human seriously hurt after a suspected DUI head-on crash Friday night.

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Carbon Monoxide Leak Sickens Students; pressures Evacuation of Santa Rosa SchoolA malfunctioning rooftop HVAC heater unit fill a Santa Rosa school with carbon monoxide fumes Thursday morning, sickening students and also forcing the evacuation the the building.

Santa Rosa Police search for 2 armed Suspects that Robbed bank Wednesday MorningPolice in Santa Rosa are in search of two equipped suspects who organized up a financial institution at gunpoint Wednesday morning, follow to authorities.

Santa Rosa mrs Cycling throughout Country Seriously injured In Texas CrashA Santa Rosa woman who was cycling across country supposedly suffered major injuries after she was struck through a driver in a deadly crash in south east Texas critical week.

Mountain Lion Sedated and also Captured close to Santa Rosa OvernightPolice in Santa Rosa ~ above Wednesday said a mountain lion was found and captured after being sedated by wildlife professionals outside a Rincon Valley house Tuesday night.

UPDATE: Santa Rosa Flooding forces Evacuations in Bennett Valley; schools ClosedResidents of 95 homes and also a four-unit apartment structure in Santa Rosa's Bennett Valley neighborhood were evacuated Sunday afternoon due to flooding, city public representative said.
Homeless Encampment Fire spreads To Santa Rosa advertising Building A vacant Santa Rosa commercial building was greatly damaged late Thursday ~ flames native a surrounding homeless encampment spread the structure, authorities said.
COVID: Sonoma County recent To loosen Mask rule In Some completely Vaccinated SettingsSonoma County ended up being the recent in the only Area to loosen indoor mask rules in specific settings where all in attendance have actually proven to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
COVID: Sonoma ar Sets Youth Vaccination objectives With Authorization For kids 5-11 LoomingSonoma ar public health officials announced their goal Wednesday of administering COVID-19 vaccines come one-quarter of the county's 5-11-year-old youngsters by Dec. 1.
COVID UPDATE: Sonoma ar Looking To loosen Mask demands For some Indoor Settings The top health and wellness official in Sonoma County claimed this week that the ar could allow some tiny venues come let totally vaccinated inhabitants to forego masks.
Rain Helps wash Away fears Of another Devastating Wildfire for Santa Rosa CoupleThe north Bay got its first sprinkles the rain overnight, washing away lingering comes to of an additional devastating wildfire.
Sonoma county Holding town Hall ~ above Spending federal Stimulus FundsPreparing to spend $96 million in commonwealth stimulus funds, Sonoma ar is stop one last town hall Wednesday come gather suggestions for utilizing the money.
Santa Rosa man Sentenced to 16 year In prison After 65 Pounds that Meth discovered At His HomeA Santa Rosa man was sentenced to an ext than 16 year in jail after he was discovered with 65 pounds that methamphetamine for sale inside his home, prosecutors said.
Santa Rosa's famous Safari West Wildlife keep Stripped the AccreditationA famous wildlife keep in the phibìc Bay has actually been stripped the accreditation through the association of Zoos and Aquariums end concerns around the facility’s care for animals.
COVID: Sonoma County health and wellness Officer gives OK come Trick-Or-Treating, supplies Halloween safety and security TipsFollowing critical year's cancellations, wellness officials in Sonoma County gave the eco-friendly light because that trick-or-treating this Halloween and offered tips to continue to be safe indigenous COVID-19.
Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: What Charges does Rittenhouse Face?Rittenhouse faces five felony dues in connection with the shootings in august 2020 throughout protests end the police shooting of Jacob Blake.
Kyle Rittenhouse Trial: judge Dismisses gun Charge before Closing disagreements BeginAhead of close up door arguments and jury deliberations in the Kyle Rittenhouse attempt in Kenosha, the judge dismissed one illegal pistol possession charge against the teen.

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