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Who appeared on the best-selling commemorative postage stamp in U.S History?Who to be the very first native American to be honored on a U.S Stamp?

Grace Kelly was the first Hollywood (women) actress show up on U.S postage stamp.

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In 1993, the USA and also Monaco at the same time released a commemorative postage stamp honoring actress elegant Kelly. However, federal law in America forbids stamps showing foreign heads of state so rather they put her name together “Grace Kelly” when Monaco noted her v the title “Princess Grace”.

About elegant Kelly :

Grace Kelly is among the many iconic actresses in Hollywood history.

Grace was born elegant Patricia Kelly top top November 12th, 1929 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania united States.

Grace had a effective acting job that covered decades. Grace starred in 39 films during her time together an actress.

Grace had one sister named Elizabeth Ann (born 1933). Elegant attended the Westfield college of Education and also Western college of Pennsylvania whereby she learned English literature.

She winner two Academy Awards for finest Actress and also received seven additional nominations in ~ the Academy Awards for miscellaneous roles she played throughout her storied career.

Grace married Prince Rainier III that Monaco on April 18th, 1956; they to be married because that eleven years until his death.

Grace was passed away on September 14th, 1982 at age 52 as result of a automobile crash.

Who appeared on the best-selling commemorative postage stamp in U.S History?


Elvis Presley is an American singer, songwriter and also musician who was the first person to have a stamp issued in his honor.

The postage rubber stamp went ~ above sale because that October 1993 i m sorry would have actually been Elvis’s 58th birthday.

Since then it has actually gone on to become one of the best selling commemorative stamps in joined States history with end 1 million civilization voting for young Elvis rather of enlarge Vegas variation that had initially made its means into nomination process.

About Elvis Presley :

The King of absent (Elvis Presley) was born on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. He is just one of the most famed singers and also entertainers of all time.

Elvis had a twin brother that died before birth. His household moved to Memphis once he to be 13 years old so that he might take up performing at the Louisiana Hayride radio present after his mother’s death.

Elvis ended up being popular because that his hip gyrations and suggestive songs prefer “Hound Dog” and “Jailhouse Rock.” He likewise starred in 33 movies consisting of Blue Hawaii, Viva ras Vegas, kid Galahad and G.I Blues as well as many others end a career covering 24 year from 1956-1978.

Elvis Presley was passed away on August 16th 1977.

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Who was the first native American to it is in honored ~ above a U.S Stamp?


The very first Native American mrs to it is in honored ~ above a united state stamp to be Pocahontas. The year she got this honor was 1907.

 About Pocahontas :

Pocahontas was a indigenous American woman who is often referred to together the “daughter” of Powhatan, however she was in reality his daughter-in-law.

Pocahontas to be born roughly 1595 and died in England top top April 5th, 1617 in ~ the age of 21. She had actually no youngsters with john Rolfe and never returned to Virginia after ~ her catch by the English.

Pocahontas thrived up among the Powhatan people of Virginia and was well-known within her neighborhood as a way woman and healer.

Her father was Chief Powhatan, leader of end 30 Algonquian speaking tribes in tsenacommaacah (which means “the land between the rivers”).

Her father wanted to make certain that his daughter would be married to another chief so he might create peace in between their tribes.

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However, as soon as James blacksmith arrived, they came to be friends and also she assisted him return residence by warning him about various dangers along the way.

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Who was the first Hollywood actress to show up on a U.S postage stamp?
elegant Kelly to be the very first Hollywood (women) actress show up on U.S postage stamp.