The present host, drew Carey, is a certified star. Carey had his very own sitcom, and has hosted renowned primetime shows like Whose heat is it Anyway? His decision come host The Price is Right proves that it’s a hit. The video game show’s status is practically entirely many thanks to its an initial host, Bob Barker.

Although Barker was reasonably unknown before The Price is Right, he would come to personify the best game display host.

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Bob Barker’s career began in radio 


Bob Barker | JB Lacroix/WireImage

Becoming a renowned tv game present host wasn’t always in Barker’s career plan. He was born in 1923, which way he will rotate 97 this year. Interestingly, he was a small-town basketball star.

Barker i graduated high institution in Missouri, and also then attend Drury college on a basketball scholarship. Rather of follow a career together a pro ball player, however, Barker determined to leaving college early and also do his public duty.

The nation was in the midst of people War II, and also Barker trained together a fighter pilot. The battle ended before he finished, and he went earlier to finish school. He ended up graduating with a level in Economics, which is in which method led to very early career in radio. 

Barker appeared to jump around a many in his beforehand career aspirations, indigenous basketball player, to pilot, and then finally to economist. However all the varied experience somehow led that toThe Bob Barker Show, a radio present that he organized in Burbank, California in the 1950s.

Before ‘The Price is Right,’ Bob Barker only had one other television credit 

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Barker had his heart set on a career in broadcasting, yet when the possibility to hold a game present on television came around, the wasn’t about to rotate it down.

Barker’s first game show hosting gig wasn’t actually The Price is Right. In 1956, after six years ~ above the radio, he was asked to assist take a radio present to television. 

Truth or Consequences was a renowned radio program, and also producers want to see if it could make the run to the little screen. They decided Barker come host. The would remain on until 1974, as soon as the original Truth or Consequences was taken turn off the air.

While he was still hosting Truth or Consequences, he had actually the chance to host one more show, The Price is Right. Barker determined to perform both shows at the very same time, and it became a an excellent choice. 

Bob Barker hosted ‘The Price is Right’ for more than three decades

Despite the frequent changes in direction of Barker’s at an early stage career, once he came to be a game present host, the had uncovered his calling. After ~ almost two decades onTruth or Consequences,he signed on come a new game show,The Price is Right.The show had already been on the air due to the fact that 1950, although the jumped about from station to station. In 1972,The Price is Rightmoved come CBS, through Barker as host. He would hostTruth or Consequencesand The Price is Rightsimultaneously for two years.

The Price is Right became the longest-running daytime game show in TV history under Barker’s watch. His catchphrase, “Come on down!” is partially attributed for the show’s success.

Barker was able to usage the phrase as a sort of branding for the show, and it certainly recorded on in popular culture.

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Barker himself holds a influential place in American pop culture, and has played himself in many television shows and movies, including Adam Sandler’s Happy Gilmore. 

Barker hosted The Price is Right until 2007. He retired after 35 years on the video game show, and 50 years full as a game present host.