Anthony Altorenna accumulated Hot wheel cars together a child, including some of the original 16 from 1968.

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These 16 hot Wheels Cars readjusted the Die-Cast Toy market in 1968

Introduced in 1968 by Mattel, hot Wheels do an instant splash in the die-cast toy auto market. Every small boy (and his dad) want a collection of this cool little cars. The futuristic concept auto designs, the retro warm rod replicas, and also the realistic depictions of modern muscle dare of the day made warm Wheels cars really different native the Matchbox and also Corgi cars and also trucks that long dominated the die-cast toy car market.

And hot Wheels cars were fast! Living up to their name, the brand-new Hot wheels cars provided a revolutionary low-friction design on their wheels and also axels that enabled the tiny cars to race downhill ~ above their own special orange track at accelerates to 200 range miles every hour. The 'Redline' tires with working suspension along with the high gloss and also colorful repaint schemes made hot Wheels an immediate hit v the kids.

The initial 16 hot Wheels cars native 1968 changed the die-cast toy market. Today, these original small cars command huge prices.


Hot Wheels. Fastest metal cars in the world.

— Mattel

Part of the very nice one of hot Wheels was the speed These Toys could Reach

List the the original 16 hot Wheels Cars from 1968

6205 practice Cougar6206 practice Mustang6207 custom T-Bird6208 practice Camaro6209 Silhouette6210 Deora6211 custom Barracuda6212 tradition Firebird6213 tradition Fleetside6214 Ford J-Car6215 practice Corvette2616 Python6217 Beatnik Bandit6218 custom El Dorado6219 hot Heap6220 tradition Volkswagen CheetahThe very first Hot Wheels car released in 1968 to be the tradition Camaro. This redlined standard is now really hard come find.


Collecting standard Hot wheels Cars: problem Counts!

As with any kind of collectible, the problem of the items is a primary variable in determining its value, and also Hot wheels cars room no exception. Created play, racing hot Wheels car downhill on tradition tracks, sending them over jumps, and also speeding them v loops frequently led come spectacular crashes that brought about chipped paint, bending axels, and lacking wheels. Separate small pieces such together surfboards were frequently lost end time.

Collectors place a premium worth on original cars in 'mint' condition. Some collectors emphasis on the early original warm Wheels cars, while others look because that the cars that were released throughout the duration of your youth. The Treasure hunt series, which began in 1995 and also featured a very controlled relax of two new Hot Wheels vehicle models every 2 months, is particularly popular through collectors.

Whatever era is of special interest come you, ns recommend buying hot Wheels car in the ideal condition that you have the right to find and also afford.

A warm Wheels repertoire Worth $1.8 Million

Where walk My hot Wheels collection Go?

I to be 10 year old once the very first Hot wheels cars fight the toy store shelves in 1968, and also I deserve to still psychic the little display in Mike's Toy Store. Each hot Wheels vehicle cost $0.99, which was a fair amount that money at the time for a tiny metal toy car. I currently had a number of Matchbox cars, and also I was passionate to include the new Hot wheels cars to my collection—especially the glowing miniature replicas the American muscle cars; Mustangs, Camaros, Firebirds, Cougars and Corvettes.

I managed to collect most of the original 1968 release of warm Wheels cars. I kept my prized collection of cars in a portable plastic case, taking them out only to race down sections the orange plastic track or to play through them ~ above the family room carpet. Mine brother chosen to crash his car in spectacular pile-ups or take it them exterior to play in the dirt, yet I do the efforts to save my special small cars shiny, clean and totally free of chipped paint. As brand-new models to be released each year, ns lobbied mine parents and grandparents for more cars. My collection flourished to end 100 warm Wheels cars, plus virtually an equal variety of Matchbox cars and also trucks.

As a teenager, my interests turned to real cars. The small toy cars in your plastic situations were relegated to the back of the closet.

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A couple of years later, i was home from college on break and also I noticed that the boxes to be gone! ns asked mine mom, who told me of she friend's little boy and how lot he liked little toy cars. She didn't think the I would mind, so she provided away the instances of cars. Mine prized arsenal of hot Wheels cars to be gone....