Currently attending 4th grade at Mueller primary school in the Klein Independent college District in Spring, Texas, Temidire hold the location of cool Prize winner — only the 2nd time a fourth-grader has earned that title — and is a repeat receiver of the first In Math national All Star award.

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Last year the earned his very first All Star award, put #4 together a third-grader in ~ Hassler Elementary, likewise in Klein ISD. That achievement strengthened his vision and goal because that this year.

"My strategy to be to pat the difficult games very first by attempting come score preferably points possible at every times and also keeping a large lead appropriate from the beginning," claims Temidire, explaining the he saved easy gamings that might be played quickly and also without loss of points for the later stage of the competition.

First In math creator, Robert Sun, has the utmost respect because that Temidire"s achievement. “Most impressive job-related done through this fourth grader. Master Tanimowo completed every 240+ very first In math games, consisting of many very rigorous coding games and word problem modules that room at the 8th-grade level. Temidire solved an ext than 240,000 mathematics problems and also spent about 700 hrs of diligent initiative to bring this national honor come KISD.”

Along with very first In Math, Temidire is one avid reader and has a huge appetite for learning and also acquisition of knowledge. His hobbies incorporate Chess, Tennis, Ping Pong, Prodigy maths, and also playing "Jeopardy!" and "Who desires to be a Millionaire?" on Alexa. He additionally loves to invest time through his younger brothers Jikore, that happens to it is in his number one fan. 

Editor"s note: for the first time ever, one institution District — Klein ISD in Texas — is home to both the #1 Player in the nation and the #1 Team Leader Player in the nation, David Leith.

Justin O"Shea - 2020 Champion


O"Shea, who attends St. Pius X school in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, will get a cool Prize in enhancement to his nationwide All Star award. He likewise earned a gold Star award critical year, finishing nine in the Rankings.

"For the very first In math strategy, ns tried to be consistent," describes O"Shea. "I didn"t play every day, however I tried come play many days." if his brother, James, offered a various strategy—building a considerable cushion and leading the field for months—Justin"s surge come the height came late, passing Rishi Patel indigenous McNeill Elementary institution in Texas through only hours left in the competition.

In enhancement to first In Math, O’Shea is busy with various other activities. "I was captain the our analysis Olympics team at institution this year," says the energetic fifth-grader. "My favorite books are the bother Potter series. American history also interests me since I prefer learning about those who shaped ours country." as soon as not play basketball and soccer, O"Shea enjoys going come the Jersey Shore with his family and also playing top top the beach with his brothers.

"Justin is continuing an incredible legacy for plenty of Archdiocese the Philadelphia students started by his own brother James in 2010. During the previous decade, AOPS college student have caught the #1 national title in eight the ten years," says very first In mathematics Creator, Robert Sun. "I to be so proud the the focus and dedication he maintained all year long, also through institution closures."

Daniel Wang, Jr. - 2019 Champion

2018-2019 an initial In Math online Program nationwide Champion DANIEL WANG, JR., and Sister Mildred Chesnavage, major of ours Lady that Calvary School.

PHILADELPHIA, PA—For an extraordinary fourth year in a row, DANIEL WANG, JR. Is the #1 an initial In mathematics player in the nation, all grades.

According to his father, Daniel want to attain something this year that no one ever before has—four continually FIM titles. “He is incredibly proud that this. His strategy was to closely concentrate on the newer and more an overwhelming games beforehand in the competition, saving a lion’s re-publishing of stickers he felt might be quickly earned and also ‘unleashed" during the last week.”

Now in his last year in ~ Our Lady the Calvary college in Philadelphia, Daniel will certainly attend Archbishop Ryan High college in the fall. In enhancement to technology, STEM and AP classes, the looks forward to gift on their bowling team, table tennis club and their Mathletes compete club, and also is looking front to making new friends and also enjoying high school.

Daniel has a passion for mathematics. That priziv.orgs his an imaginative side by writing quick stories and also generating digital “kahoot” quizzes around movies, sports and also other interests. After Daniel graduates, he has visions of being a mathematics teacher and also writer.

In addition to the nationwide All Star trophy, Daniel obtained his fourth crystal award.

DANIEL WANG, Jr. - 2018 Champion

Left come right: very first In mathematics creator Robert Sun, 2017-2018 first In Math online Program national Champion DANIEL WANG, JR., and also Sister Mildred Chesnavage, principal of our Lady the Calvary School.

PHILADELPHIA, PA—For the 3rd year in a row, DANIEL WANG, JR. Is the #1 very first In mathematics player in the nation, every grades.

Daniel to be honored in ~ a having lunch at PARC Restaurant in Philadelphia that included very first In math creator Robert Sun, major Sister Mildred Chesnavage, his father Daniel Wang, Sr., mother Stephanie and also younger brother, Connor.

A student at our Lady of Calvary college in Philadelphia, Daniel will certainly be entering 8th grade in the fall. He will play next year, yet hasn’t chose if he desires to compete for a height Ten Award. Till then, the is absolutely enjoying this year"s success. "I"m yes, really excited to success again, and this time mine parents offered me a brand-new cell phone, too!"

He loves analysis and also enjoys bowling in a league with his Uncle John. Together with Math, Daniel is interested in society Studies and also learning around early American History—he additionally looks front to part trips come amusement parks this summer!

Sun has actually high prayer for the reigning champ. “Daniel’s success is extraordinary. Over the year we have had much more than 10 million students use an initial In Math. There space nine college student who have actually attained #1 status, and also only two of them have actually held the title for 3 consecutive years. Daniel is in a truly rarified group—he is in the 0.00002%!”

In addition to the first In mathematics All Star trophy, Daniel received a tradition crystal award.

Daniel Wang, Jr. - 2017 Champion

Congratulations to 2017 very first In Math virtual Program nationwide Champion DANIEL WANG, JR.

PHILADELPHIA, PA—The 2016-2017 #1 first In mathematics player in the nation, all grades, is DANIEL WANG, JR—for the 2nd year in a row! Daniel earned exactly 60,000 stickers in the quest for another First In Math National Championship.

Daniel is very proud that he has earned this award for the second straight year. "My strategy because that winning the competition 2 years in a row was making certain to take it my time to gain as many stickers as I could in every game, particularly the more difficult ones."

The committed sixth-grader attends ours Lady the Calvary institution in the Philadelphia Archdiocese. Exterior of school, Daniel enjoys baseball and also watching NASCAR races - and of course an initial In Math. "The music and sounds sync right into the math games and makes them interesting to play, add to there are usually some brand-new games every year. I likewise like that while some gamings are simple, others favor Xtreme Algebra are challenging."

First In mathematics creator, Robert Sun, has actually high worship for the two-time champ “Young people like Daniel space the future of our nation, I"m certain he will do an excellent things in the comes years.”

In addition to the first In mathematics All Star trophy, Wang will receive a Chromebook.

Daniel Wang, Jr. - 2016 Champion

Congratulations come 2016 first In Math digital Program national Champion DANIEL WANG, JR.

PHILADELPHIA, PA—Congratulations come the 2015-2016 #1 first In mathematics player in the nation, all grades, DANIEL WANG, JR! when the contest ended on April 29, he had actually earned a complete of 55,695 stickers.

The dedicated fifth-grader attends our Lady the Calvary school in the Philadelphia Archdiocese. A really hard worker that excels in every one of his subjects, Daniel is an outstanding math student, follow to his teachers.

This to be Daniel’s first year at Our Lady that Calvary; he formerly attended Philadelphia’s A. L. Fitzpatrick School and attained a FIM national Ranking the #2 in 2015 and #9 in 2014. External of school, Daniel enjoys baseball and also watching NASCAR races.

“To victory this award—especially at together a young age—takes incredible emphasis and great resolve, " says very first In math creator Robert Sun. “Young world like Daniel make me proud, and keep me hopeful for our country future.”

Daniel’s father likewise participated in first In Math and also was the #2 Family connect player! Together, Daniel and his dad earned 110,394 stickers! In addition to the all Star trophy, Wang will get an apologize iPod.

Albert Wang - 2015 Champion

Congratulations to 2015 national Champion ALBERT WANG.

WESTON, FL—The 2014/2015 #1 an initial In math player in the nation, all grades, is ALBERT WANG! Wang earn 56,808 stickers—an significant accomplishment—and received the coveted First In math All Star Award. Wang"s team, KUDO53FL, was ranked #5 in the nation. 

The talented fifth-grader attends perennial FIM powerhouse Manatee only Elementary college in Weston, Florida. His teacher, Lisa Weingartner, is incredibly proud the Albert. "He has a enthusiasm for math, yet he likewise plays the piano and also is an excellent composer, having actually won awards in both areas."

In enhancement to the every Star trophy, Wang will receive an iPod Touch, and also meet FIM creator Robert sunlight in person. "It will be an honor to meet Albert," states Sun. "Students who succeed in ~ this level space dedicated, focused and have an excellent resolve—qualities I considerably admire."

Josephine Nguyen - 2014 Champion

PHILADELPHIA, PA—For one unprecedented third year in a row, the #1 an initial In mathematics Online routine player in the Nation, all grades, is Josephine Nguyen! The St. Cecilia sixth-grader earned 60,821 sticker labels from September 2013 to April 2014—more than any type of student or teacher has ever earned.

Nguyen’s dad Joseph watches together she theatre “Into The Vortex” ~ above the very first In Math regimen website. Photo © Michael Bryant/Staff Photographer, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Nguyen to be featured in a story published in The Philadelphia Inquirer, and has obtained the highest praise from mary Cihak, she honors mathematics teacher, and from FIM inventor Robert sun himself. “One of the things that makes Josephine remarkable is the she play every module perfectly, regulating to milk the maximum number of stickers from each one,” claims Sun.

Next year, various other players should take heart, due to the fact that Nguyen is cutting them a break. She won’t try and success the FIM nationwide All Star award 4 years in a row because, together she states with properties humility, “I want to provide other children a chance.”

Josephine Nguyen - 2013 Champion

PHILADELPHIA, PA—For the second year in a row, the 2012/2013 #1 first In mathematics player in the Nation, all grades, is Josephine Nguyen! as of April 30, Nguyen earn 51,456 stickers—the most ever before earned in the regime by a student. Nguyen topped nearly 1.5 million students completing this season.


FIM creator Robert Sun recently met with Nguyen and her family at his corporate workplaces in Easton, PA. Sun provided her two books that he claims shaped his outlook about the route to success.

Last year, Nguyen to be the youngest player ever to achieve the #1 national rank. Currently a fifth-grader, she attends St. Cecilia School, i m sorry is part of the Philadelphia Archdiocese. Teacher mary Cihak says that various other than asking questions around a few difficult games such together Area/Perimeter 2D, Nguyen operated hard on her very own to earn every sticker. “Sometimes ns am shocked in ~ what she deserve to do.”

Strategy is the crucial to becoming a height player, and an initial In Math’s ‘wheel’ games are an important part that the equation. “In the wheel games, you need to make 9 wheel on every play and earn the many stickers every time,” explains Nguyen.

Considering the reality that Nguyen spent an estimated 1,000 hrs or more earning stickers, it would certainly be straightforward to assume that math is her favorite subject, but she says that is not the case. “Spelling is my favorite subject,” she admits through a shy smile.

In addition to personal gifts indigenous Sun, Nguyen again took home the FIM all Star Award and also an apple iPod, i m sorry she gave to her father to honor him on Father’s Day.

Josephine Nguyen - 2012 Champion


PHILADELPHIA, PA-The 2011/2012 #1 first In math player in theNation, every grades, is Josephine Nguyen! Nguyen earned an amazing49,270 stickers-the most ever earned in the routine by astudent-besting her nearest challenger by almost 2,000stickers.

The concentrated fourth-grader has actually attended St. William CatholicElementary college in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania because Kindergarten.She will certainly attend St. Cecilia School next year. Nguyen, that was onlynine once the dispute ended in April, is the youngest player everto achieve the #1 national rank. She to be ranked fourth in the nationlast year together a third-grader, and also received a FIM all Star award.

She got an apologize iPod Touch, a book, a 24 video game pin and aspecial 24 game Anniversary edition signed by Robert Sun.

Yuriy Glukhov - 2011 Champion


James O"Shea - 2010 Champion


O"Shea, who attends St. Laurence college in the Archdiocese the Philadelphia, developed a considerable cushion and led the field for several months, amassing 42,000 stickers as the the April 30 very first In math competition deadline. "I was really determined come win and also excited to begin playing at the start of the year," says O"Shea, that adds that he is walk to miss not playing first in Math following year.

O"Shea will attend Devon Preparotory institution in the fall, and also hopes to to visit Princeton when he graduates high school.

Ao Kong - 2009 Champion


School-Based Teacher Leader Eleanor Castelberry, Robert Sun, Ao Kong, primary Carol Domb and FIM Ambassador Cred Dobson. (Photo courtesy Matt Seaver-Studio XI Photography)

This is the 3rd year in a row Kong has accomplished National All-Star standing in the program. She is looking front to attending central High school in the Fall.

Ao Kong - 2008 Champion


"During ours conversation, Ao and also I found some prettyamazing similarities," describes Sun, who met Kong in ~ a specialluncheon. "I relocated to Philadelphia from Shanghai, China when I wasnine, as did Ao. Both her parents space physicians, as were mine. Ilove chocolate, and my favorite color is blue," states Sun. "Me too,"says Ao, momentarily flashing she trademark reserved smile.

Kong, who attends basic George A. McCall elementary school in theSchool district of Philadelphia"s main City Region, led thefield for numerous months, amassing 33,511 sticker labels as that the April30 an initial In math "Top Ten" compete deadline. She likewise achievedNational All-Star condition last year, finishing among the top Tenplayers in the nation as a sixth-grader.

Hannah Sonsalla - 2007 Champion


Hannah Sonsalla hosted the rank of #1 player, all GRADES, forseveral months, prevailing end close come 200,000 1st- through8th-grade students across the country. She finished the 2007 FIMseason v 24,408 stickers-the most ever before earned in theprogram-besting she nearest challenger by virtually 1,000stickers.

The energetic fifth-grader balances she time in between many otheractivities, consisting of 4-H, piano and Girl Scouts.

Shonak Patel - 2006 Champion


Seventh-grader Shonak Patel of Nitschmann middle School inBethlehem, PA, ordered the #1 spot nationally amongst ALL qualities inthe very first In Math online Program close to the finish of the 2006 season.Shonak amassed a complete of 22,572 stickers. Only six studentsnationwide topped the 20,000-sticker mark throughout the 2005/2006school year!

"To succeed, you must play patiently," explains Shonak, "as itdoes not issue what rank you hold in the first couple of months!"

Vladamir Flys - 2005 Champion


He discovered his impetus after reading a front-page article onFirst In math awards presented to a Philadelphia fifth-grader. "Ithought I can still make it come #1 on an initial In Math, which ns likedso much. So for a month, sometimes 7 hrs a night, ns played andplayed till I beat him," Flys exclaimed.

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Born in the Ukraine, Flys" household moved come the united Statesalmost 2 years ago, after life in Argentina for about tenyears. Fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and Spanish, Flys is currentlyan ESL (English together a second Language) student, and he strives tosucceed in not only mathematics, yet in various other subjects in ~ BaldiMIddle college in Philadelphia.