From left, Young Kim, Michelle Steel and Marilyn Strickland, every newly elected to the U.S. Residence of Representatives.(Associated Press)

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By text, through phone and also by society media, castle trumpeted the news from California to Asia: so late Friday, Young Kim had joined her “sister” Michelle steel in making history as two of the first three oriental American ladies ever elected to the U.S. Residence of Representatives.

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In winning 2 hotly disputed Southern California districts, Kim and also Steel aided Republicanspush back versus the blue wavethat resulted in Democrats getting all 7 Orange county congressional seat in the 2018 midterms.

The two Orange ar Republicans will certainly be sworn into office in January together a third Korean American congresswoman-elect, Marilyn Strickland, a Democrat from west Washington state.

Apart from politics, plenty of Korean Americans said it to be a minute to savor.

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Baldwin shares ‘Rust’ crew member"s comment slamming reports of ‘unsafe’ conditions

by Nexstar Media Wire, Aleksandra shrub / Nov 3, 2021

(NewsNation Now) — Alec Baldwin took to Instagram Tuesday to share what appeared to it is in a ‘Rust’ crew member"s article slamming reports that the movie collection conditions were unsafe.

The post, captioned “read this,” comes less than 2 weeks after the actor fatally shoot a cinematographer ~ above set.


Five takeaways native a grim night because that Democrats

by Niall Stanage, The Hill via Nexstar Media cable / Nov 3, 2021
(The Hill) - RepublicanGlenn Youngkinwon a stunning success in Virginia ~ above Tuesday, snatching the governor’s mansion far from democrats in a state thatPresident Bidenwon by ten points just a year ago.

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Youngkin, a businessman and first-time candidate because that office, defeatedTerry McAuliffe, a past governor and also close ally of the Clinton family members who has been a fixture of autonomous politics for decades. It to be the an initial Republican statewide success in the commonwealth because 2009.


As California mulls bill decriminalizing psychedelics, some SoCal veterans revolve to them come treat PTSD

by Christina Pascucci, Digital staff / Nov 2, 2021
California is currently among a handful of states where over there is an increased push in the initiative to legalization psychedelics for treatment use, as growing evidence mirrors that they can help treat mental disorders.

Also well-known as hallucinogens, psychedelics are different species of drugs thought by part to increase consciousness. They can alter a person"s state of mind, their perception and their mood.