Melania Trump continued to be on template for this year’s fourth of July festivities in Washington D.C. The an initial lady and also her husband, chairman Donald Trump, hosted a huge event celebrating independence Day ~ above Saturday, which consisted of a speech from Trump, fireworks and a military fly-over.

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President Donald trump card and an initial Lady Melania Trump throughout the fourth of July “Salute come America” event in Washington D.C.

Melania, sans challenge mask, wore a white tea-length dress for the occasion, i beg your pardon she paired with matching white pointed-toe flats and also an Azzedine Alaïa red belt for a popular music of color.


First lady Melania trumped wearing usually white flats because that the 4th of July festivities in Washington, D.C.

Last year, Melania marked July 4 through a celebration in ~ the Lincoln Memorial no wearing the red, white and blue tradition. Instead, she opted for a Carolina Herrera dress through multi-colored stripes and sky-high hot pink pumps from Christian Louboutin.

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First lady Melania Trump wears a Carolina Herrera dress v pointed-toe pink pumps from Christian Louboutin at the fourth of July celebration in ~ the Lincoln Memorial, July 4, 2019.

For the fourth of July in 2018, the former model went for a standard red, white and blue look special blue and white gingham dress by Ralph Lauren, Christian Louboutin red pointed-toe flats and a red bow belt by Alexander McQueen.


Melania Trump attract a Ralph Lauren dress, Alexander McQueen belt and also Christian Louboutin flats on independence Day in 2018.

This year, the Trumps celebrated Independence Days through multiple events, including their mountain Rushmore appearance in south Dakota on July 3. There, Melania wore a $3,840 asymmetric Alexander McQueen dress that garnered countless opinions on social media. She completed the ensemble through her go-to Louboutin black color patent leather pumps.


First lady Melania trumped in Alexander McQueen’s Dancing girl dress through Christian Louboutin shoes.

The sleeveless, ivory linen, round-neck midi dress featured a to dance Girls print that came from map out designs made by student at central Saint Martins in London. Twitter customers likened the look to drawings and also immediately mocked the feather ’20 look, saying Trump attracted on it v a Sharpie marker.

Donald Trump gained bored and also drew anywhere Melania"s white dress with a sharpie top top Air pressure One

— Red (

Looks like Trump took pleasure in the flyover, lol. And it additionally looks favor he did the style on Melania"s dress through a Sharpie.

— Brenda that The north (

apparently Trump do the efforts to attract a hurricane course on Melania’s dress

— shauna (

To see an ext Fourth the July fashion through the years from very first ladies, click v the gallery. And also keep scrolling to shop comparable white flats Melania wore over the weekend.


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