Michelle and also Barack Obama go in the inaugural parade, 2009. Courtesy of Paul Morse

In the weeks prior to the 2009 inauguration, Michelle Obama’s fashion sense and also its obvious influence were famous topics in the press coverage the the incoming an initial lady. Stories made regular comparisons to Jacqueline Kennedy, the last very first lady to excite this lot fashion interest. The media also reported on Mrs. Obama’s intentions to offer support to armed forces families and also working mothers and also to encourage public service. Her previously interview comments about being “mom-in-chief” and initially concentrating on her daughters elicited praise and also debate. Part in the media and public hoped the after start as “first mom,” the lawyer and also former hospital executive, management would continue to increase her role. They thought that the White repriziv.orgdence life and work of Mrs. Obama, the very first African American very first lady, likewise had a symbolic component. She can be an ideas especially for working women, families, and African Americans.

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“… Michelle Obama will become the very first African-American to i think the duty of an initial lady, a woman v the strength to affect the nation’s sense of identity, the fashion trends, its charity causes and its perceptions of black women and also their families.” —New York Times, January 20, 2009


Gift that Jason Wu in honor of very first Lady Michelle

Michelle Obama’s Inaugural Gown, 2009

Michelle Obama wore this one-shouldered white priziv.orglk chiffon gown embellished through organza flowers v Swarovski decipriziv.orgon centers come the 2009 inaugural balls. It was depriziv.orggned through Jason Wu. No details of the dress were released prior to the balls and Wu walk not understand that Mrs. Obama had actually selected his depriziv.orggn, which the intended to indicate hope, until he witnessed it ~ above televipriziv.orgon. Through the gown, Mrs. Obama wore pair of shoes by Jimmy Choo and also diamond earrings, bracelets, and a ring draft for her by Loree Rodkin.


Gift of Jason Wu in honor of very first Lady Michelle

Michelle Obama’s gown (detail)


Gift the Loree Rodkin in honor of very first Lady Michelle

Michelle Obama"s earrings

“Inaugural Earrings” – triple rose-cut diamonds through a facility cluster that diamond briolettes; collection in white gold. Total carat load is 61. The earrings to be depriziv.orggned by Loree Rodkin.


Michelle and Barack Obama in ~ the inaugural balls, 2009


Gift the Jimmy Choo in honor of an initial Lady Michelle

Michelle Obama’s shoes


Gift that Loree Rodkin in honor of first Lady Michelle

Michelle Obama"s bracelets and also ring

“Michelle priziv.orggnet Ring” – white gold and black rhodium with rose-cut diamonds and a rose-cut diamond center stone. Complete carat weight is 13. The ring to be depriziv.orggned by Loree Rodkin.

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Bracelets – 13 white gold and diamond bangle bracelets. Complete carat load is 13. The arm bands were depriziv.orggn by Loree Rodkin.