A brief viral video clip clip was cut off prior to showing the Agata Kornhauser-Duda did indeed greet the United claims president.

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Published8 July 2017

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At an occasion in Warsaw top top 6 July 2017, Polish very first Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda refuse to shake hands with Donald Trump.

On 6 July 2017, video clip emerged that Donald and Melania Trump’s meeting through Polish chairman Andrzej Duda and first Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda, in Warsaw. 

Several reports focused on a brief clip in which the 4 exchanged greetings, through Kornhauser-Duda shiver Melania Trump’s hand, if the U.S. President extended his own. 

Newsweek released a story through the headline: “Watch Donald trump Handshake rejected by Polish first Lady in Hilariously aer Exchange”; Vanity Fair‘s article was title “The first Lady that Poland smoothly Avoided shower Donald Trump’s Hand”; and also the gaue won Express web site’s story proclaimed: “Donald trump card Snubbed, now Poland an initial Lady Refuses Handshake, choose Melania Instead”, adding:

The occurrence took place during his Poland visit when the an initial Lady of Poland decreased to shiver hands v him and also chose come greet the FLOTUS instead.

Many reports and social media write-ups used a short clip the the encounter:

Trump left hanging by the Polish an initial Lady. Https://t.co/XfdpD2Ix6G pic.twitter.com/5fVtfzEa7p

— Imgur (
imgur) July 6, 2017

However, extending the clip by simply a couple of secs gives an exact picture of the complete encounter, through Kornhauser-Duda shiver hands through Donald Trump automatically after greeting the U.S. First Lady. 


So Kornhauser-Duda did shake Donald Trump’s hand. She just shook Melania Trump’s hand first. Further, she walk not show up to even see Donald Trump’s extended hand. As the two presidents shower hands, Kornhauser-Duda starts walking end to Melania Trump, showing up to preserve eye call with she at all times, definition she quite probably didn’t catch the President’s test handshake in her peripheral vision.

Finally, there is a details order or choreography come the greetings, i m sorry Kornhauser-Duda shows up to have actually been following. First, the 2 heads that state shower hands, if the two first ladies carry out the same, climate the an initial Lady the Poland shakes hands with the chairman of the unified States, when the first Lady the the United states shakes hands v the president of Poland.

So also if Agata Kornhauser-Duda did view Donald Trump’s outstretched hand at the critical moment, the reality that the two did no shake hands appropriate then does no necessarily median she to be “snubbing” or “refusing” or also “smoothly avoiding” Trump. Instead, she may simply have been adhering to protocol.

Both Newsweek and Vanity Fair updated their posts after publishing to reflect the reality that Donald Trump and Agata Kornhauser-Duda did actually shake hands.

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This occurrence mirrors comparable reporting indigenous June 2017, once Trump hosted India’s element minister, Narendra Modi, at the White House. Newsweek reported at the moment that Modi had “evaded” and “neatly sidestepped” a handshake native Trump through hugging him. In reality, Modi initiated a handshake through Trump, before warmly hugging him — a greeting because that which the prime Minister that India has become well known, and which he has actually bestowed on many human being leaders in current years.