Neil Armstrong stepped into history on July 20, 1969, leaving the an initial human footprint ~ above the surface of the moon. 


"That"s one small step because that man, one huge leap because that mankind," Armstrong is famously quoted as saying after walking on the moon, yet in interviews he declared that he expected to say "one tiny step for a man."

Armstrong passed away in 2012 at period 82 complying with complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures. 

At left: Armstrong sits within the lunar module after ~ his historical walk top top the surface of the moon. 


Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk ~ above the moon, stands next to the lunar module "Eagle" ~ above July 20, 1969.

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Neil Armstrong have the right to be checked out taking the photo in the enjoy on the helmet.

Apollo 11 from launch to lunar landing: Photos from the an initial journey come the moon


A young Buzz Aldrin poses in a NASA photo at left. At right, Aldrin speaks in London in 2016. 

Aldrin, currently 89, was medically evacuated indigenous the south Pole in December 2016 after enduring symptoms of altitude sickness, however quickly recovered.



Apollo 12 Astronaut Alan L. Bean holds a container filled v lunar soil during a moonwalk with Charles Conrad, Jr., in November 1969.

Conrad, who took this picture, is reflect in Bean"s helmet visor. 


Charles "Pete" Conrad, the third man to walk ~ above the moon, poses at left in 1965 before his first space trip aboard Gemini 5.

Conrad passed away after a motorcycle accident in Ojai, California, in 1999. He to be 69. 

Apollo 12 lunar module pilot Alan bean poses in 1969 at right. 

Bean resigned native NASA in June 1981 to dedicate his time come painting. He passed away on might 26, 2018, in ~ the age of 86, after suddenly falling ill if travelling.

Alan Bean sits by two of his paints at an exhibition that his artwork in ~ the national Air and room Museum to storage the 40th anniversary of the very first Apollo moon landing in 2009.

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Edgar Mitchell, left, conducts a seismic experiment during the first Apollo 14 moonwalk v Alan Shepard top top Feb. 5, 1971.

The picture was caught by an automatic camera placed on a automobile the mission used to draw equipment. 

The crew the the Apollo 14 lunar landing mission, indigenous left, Stuart Roosa, commander Alan Shepard and also lunar module pilot Edgar Mitchell. Roosa remained in orbit while the various other two landed on the moon.

Mitchell died at 85, in Florida, in early on 2016. ~ NASA, Mitchell specialized his life to exploring the mind, physics and unexplained phenomena such as psychics and aliens. 

Shepard passed away in 1988. Before walking ~ above the moon, Shepard became the an initial American in space with a suborbital trip in 1961. 

James Irwin, lunar module pilot, gives a military salute to David Scott, acquisition the picture, while standing alongside the U.S. Flag during the Apollo 15 mission ~ above Aug. 1, 1971.

The lunar module Falcon stands at center. Hadley Delta in the background rises around some 13,000 feet above the plain. 

James Irwin, left, and also David Scott sample rocks in the Mojave Desert throughout a field trip wherein they used a lunar rover simulator to explore a lava circulation at the basic of the Sierra Nevadas in California top top April 29, 1971. 

Irwin resigned from NASA and the Air pressure in July 1972 to form a spiritual organization, High flight Foundation, in Colorado Springs. He died in 1991. 

A personal watch the Scott wore while walking on the moon offered for a whopping $1.625 million at auction in 2015. He is only one of three astronauts who have flown both planet orbital and lunar Apollo missions. The is 87. 

— George Brich / APShare

Charles Duke and John Young

Charles duke collects lunar samples during the very first Apollo 16 moonwalk on April 21, 1972.

John Young captured the image as fight it out stood in ~ the pickled in salt of Plum crater. 

— john Young / NASAShare
The Apollo 16 crew relaxes during water egress cultivate in the Gulf of Mexico on Feb. 5, 1972.

From left, cutting board Mattingly II, john Young, and also Charles Duke. Mattingly stayed in orbit while Young and also Duke came down on the moon.

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At 36, Duke was the youngest guy to go on the moon. He retired from NASA in 1975 to go into private business. He is 83. 



— NASAShare
John Young was the only firm astronaut to walk into an are as component of the Gemini, Apollo and room shuttle programs, and the very first to paris into room six times. He to be the ninth male to go on the moon.

Young was the commander for the room shuttle fleet"s inaugural flight in 1981. He died Jan. 5, 2018, at his house in Houston complying with complications indigenous pneumonia. He to be 87. 

Left: Young poses in a portrait because that the Apollo 10 mission, where he was the command module pilot. 

Right: Young, Apollo 16 commander, collection samples in ~ the North ray Crater geological website on April 23, 1972. 

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— NASAShare

Harrison Schmitt and also Eugene Cernan

Harrison Schmitt stands alongside a huge, break-up lunar boulder throughout the 3rd Apollo 17 moonwalk v Eugene Cernan in December 1972. 

Photos: Apollo 17, the critical Moonshot

— Eugene Cernan / NASAShare
Eugene Cernan, left, and also Harrison "Jack" Schmitt posture aboard the Apollo 17 spacecraft throughout the final lunar landing mission in December 1972. 

Schmitt to be the an initial person at first trained as a scientist come walk top top the moon. Originally a geologist, he to be selected by NASA in June 1965 in addition to a team of other scientist-astronauts – the very first group not to be check pilots. He is 84. 


— Ronald Evans / NASAShare
Apollo 17 mission commander Eugene Cernan stop the lower edge of the U.S. Flag throughout the mission"s an initial moonwalk top top Dec. 12, 1972. 

Cernan, the last male on the moon, traced his just child"s initials in the dust before climbing the ladder that the lunar module the critical time. He died on Jan. 16, 2017, in Texas.