9 Actors that Did not Accept your Oscars (Live Or in ~ All) to win an Academy compensation is a huge deal however some actors have either not obtained theirs live or completely refused the altogether.

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Anthony Hopkins in The Father and Marlon Brando in The Godfather
To many actors, there"s no better honor 보다 winning one Academy compensation in acknowledgment of their performance. The Oscars, Hollywood"s many star-studded and also celebrated awards ceremony, honors performances poll on through the 10,000 members the the Academy of Motion picture Arts and Sciences, v their acknowledgment regularly validating year of commitment to cinema.

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For all its pageantry and also reverence, over there are specific instances wherein principle, geography, and simple scheduling might make one actor choose not to to visit the Oscars, and also when the time pertains to accept your iconic yellow statuette, they one of two people don"t expropriate it live or refuse it outright. In fact, in the award show"s 93-year history, few of Hollywood"s best stars haven"t attended it even when they"ve won.

Anthony Hopkins The Father
after his initial success for ideal Actor for playing iconic display villain Hannibal Lecter in The Silence that the Lambs, Anthony Hopkins wouldn"t win an additional Academy Award for three decades (though he"d be nominated many of times). As soon as he winner at the 2021 Academy Awards for The Father, he didn"t take part in the live broadcast.

He didn"t travel to a designated point out to give his acceptance speech (and the Academy wouldn"t allow him do it indigenous home) but chose to article a video clip to his Instagram while showing up at his father"s gravesite in Wales. The oldest acting Oscar winner thanked the Academy and also giving tribute to Chadwick Boseman, his late modern and fellow ideal Actor nominee for Ma Rainey"s black color Bottom.

George C. Scott doing a salut in Patton Cropped
known for play such titanic public numbers as Clarence Darrow, Scrooge, and also General Patton, it to be for the performance in the latter duty that George S. Scott won the Academy award for best Actor. Upon understanding that he could win, he politely said the Academy come "lose his number" because he regarded the Oscars together a "two-hour meat parade."

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Scott declined his nomination and explained to the academy the he would refuse the Oscar if he won (he won regardless of his sentiment). It come a complete decade after ~ he decreased his finest Supporting gibbs nomination for showing up in The Hustler in 1961.

one of the most well known speeches in the background of the Academy Awards wasn"t offered by the man who refuse to take residence the gold, however by Sacheen Littlefeather, a an initial American actress who Marlon Brando (often thought about the greatest actor the his generation) sent out in his place, and also brushed turn off the statuette from presenter roger Moore.

Don Corleone himself refused to expropriate the Academy award for ideal Actor for The Godfather at the 1973 ceremony, choosing instead to do a political statement protesting Hollywood"s therapy of very first Americans by their inaccurate, derogatory, and racist portrayals in movies.

6 Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor together Martha and Richard Burton together George in Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Both Elizabeth Taylor and also Richard Burton to be nominated for best Actress and Best Actor dong for Who"s afraid of Virginia Woolf?, but Burton controlled to to convince Taylor to no attend the 1966 Academy Awards due to the fact that of his own insecurities.

Burton had missed out on Oscar gold 4 times before and didn"t desire to suffer through a fifth loss in former of every his peers, therefore he whisked the pair turn off to Paris. He finished up no winning while Taylor did, however in solidarity, she thumbed her sleep at the Academy.

in between the years 1961 and 1982, the sapphire-eyed display screen legend obtained no less than six Academy compensation nominations and attended every ceremony. In 1987, when he lastly won for The color of Money, the durable star was nowhere around.

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When he was tracked down by the linked Press, the Cool Hand Luke star used a vivid analogy to describe his absence, "It"s prefer chasing a beautiful woman for 80 years. Finally, she relents, and also you say, "I"m horrible sorry. I"m tired.""

4 Michael Caine

Nominated in 1967, 1973, and also 1984 for finest Actor, the wasn"t until 1987 the Michael Caine in reality won an Academy Award, and also while he was victorious because that his performance in Hannah and also Her Sisters, the famous English thespian was busy filming the fourth Jaws franchise installment Jaws: The Revenge.

When the won ideal Supporting Actor once again for The Cider home Rules in 2000, he made certain to to visit the Oscars. He would certainly be nominated for ideal Actor again in 2003 for The Quiet American.

come this day, Katharine Hepburn, star of classic movies like The Philadelphia Story and The afri Queen, still has more Academy Awards to her surname than any type of other actor. In spite of winning four Oscars in she decades-long career, the lauded actress never ever attended the ceremonies where she would certainly be meant to accept her own awards.

When she did ultimately attend the 1974 Academy Awards, it to be to current the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award, at which suggest she said, "I"m living proof that a person deserve to wait 41 years to be unselfish."

2 Peter O"Toole

Peter O"Toole might have had great reason because that refusing the honorary Oscar the Academy offered him in 2003. The end of a career lasting five decades, he had actually been nominated eight times for finest Actor and also never controlled to bring home an Oscar.

O"Toole called the Academy that he can still have a possibility to "win the lover bugger outright" to which it comment by explaining other stars consisting of Henry Fonda and also Paul Newman had actually gone on to win the bona fide yellow after accepting their Academy Honorary Awards. In ~ his children"s behest, that finally embraced it.

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Sir man Gielgud to be a legend of the stage and screen for eight decades, and in that time the won three Tonys, an Emmy, a Grammy, and also two Oscars. In 1981, he was nominated for play the indefatigable, sharp-tongued butler Hobson the opposite Dudley Moore"s foppish aristocrat in Arthur, a part he had actually turned down twice. As it happened, he turned down attending the ceremony, too.

Even though he won for finest Supporting Actor, he didn"t expropriate the statuette himself, perhaps because as he explained in Richard Mangan"s book Gielgud"s Letter, award reflects were complete of "mutual congratulation baloney."