Sandra oh is the very first actress of eastern descent in 39 years to win the world for ideal leading TV actress.

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Sandra five at the 2019 golden Globes. Kevin Winter/Getty pictures
as co-host the the 2019 gold Globes, Sandra Oh accomplished the enormous milestone of being the just host ever before to do me cry through their opening monologue. But Oh also made a more far-reaching kind that history. To be exact, she made history three various times, with three different significant milestones.

1) Sandra five was the an initial person of oriental descent to organize the golden Globes

The gold Globes hosting gig has a tendency to go to who white and also male (there are exceptions, most notably as soon as Tina Fey and also Amy Poehler co-hosted the awards 3 consecutive times from 2013 come 2015).

While that demography was ably stood for in 2019 by Andy Samberg, Oh’s visibility represented the an initial time a human being of oriental descent organized the awards. Oh nodded come that history during the pair’s opened monologue, saying, “I claimed yes come the fear of being on this phase tonight because I want to be here to watch out into this audience and witness this moment of change.”

She would certainly witness that moment of adjust again later that night, once she won the gold Globe for best Actress in a TV Drama because that BBC America’s Killing Eve.

2) Sandra five is the first woman of eastern descent to success multiple golden Globes

Oh winner her very first Golden globe in 2006 because that her function as Cristina Yang top top Grey’s Anatomy. By winning this year because that Killing Eve, she came to be the very first woman of eastern descent come rack up an ext than one golden Globe trophy. And also because she was winning in a new category (her ahead award to be for a supporting role), she discovered herself positioned come pull off her 3rd milestone.

3) Sandra oh is the very first woman of asian descent in 39 year to success a golden Globe for best actress in a TV drama

The critical actress of eastern descent to success in that category was Yoko Shimada for Shogun in 1980.

Oh will follow up her history-making success at the 2019 golden Globes by returning to season two of Killing Eve, premiering top top BBC America ~ above April 7.

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