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Prince Charles and also Lady buy it Spencer in 1977. Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis/Getty pictures

Diana and also Charles reconnected in 1980, three years after castle met. Push attention to be an obstacle from the start of their connection — this picture shows Diana being followed by photographers shortly before their engagement.

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Diana and also Charles announced your engagement top top February 24, 1981. Once asked by an interviewer whether they were in love, Diana responded: "Of course." Charles said: "Whatever in love means."


Diana and Charles in ~ their main engagement picture call. Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty photos

They bound the knot at St. Paul's Cathedral in London ~ above July 29, 1981. They had their very first kiss on the Buckingham palace balcony, ending up being the an initial royal pair to share their wedding kiss through the public.


Princess Diana and Prince Charles ~ above the balcony of Buckingham royal residence after their wedding ceremony. Getty images

In audio the Diana that was later on shared in the documentary "Diana: In Her very own Words," the princess called her wedding "the worst day of my life."

The pair had your honeymoon in Balmoral, Scotland, where the royal family's holiday estate is. Diana revealed in the documentary the she saw Charles put on a pair of cufflinks gifted come him by Camilla throughout their vacation.

In 1983 they take it their an initial overseas tour with each other in Australia v their firstborn, Prince William. It to be the tour that secured Diana's place as the "people's princess," and the raising press attention she received reportedly do Charles jealous.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana visiting Australia with their first son, Prince William. Tim Graham photograph Library/Getty images Source: Vogue

Diana and Charles mutual this sweet minute at a polo enhance in July 1984, two months prior to Prince Harry to be born. Diana stated in the documentary the they were "the closest we've ever, ever been and also the the next we'll ever before be," throughout this period.

Their marriage "went down the drain" when Harry was born in 1984, follow to Diana. Below they are with their 2nd son on the hospital actions shortly ~ his birth.

The pair still shown affection in public transparent the years the followed, however. Here they room sharing a kiss at a polo complement in 1985 ...

With their two children, William and Harry, the Wales family showed up picture-perfect native an outside perspective.

Behind the scenes, however, things weren't working out. The pair officially be separate in 1992 and also continued to bring out their royal duties separately. Castle didn't divorce until 4 years later, in 1996.

They still appeared in public together as a family members in the years in between their separation and divorce — below they space with William and Harry in 1994. This was additionally the year when Charles admitted he had an affair, saying he had actually remained faithful till the relationship "became irretrievably damaged down, us both having actually tried."

Diana shared her next of the story throughout the now-famous BBC "Panorama" interview in 1995, in i m sorry she stated "there were three of us in the marriage, for this reason it was a little crowded."

Diana speak on "Panorama." swimming pool Photograph/Corbis/Corbis via Getty pictures

Diana shed her HRH standing after the divorce, and also her title was restyled to Diana, Princess of Wales.

The princess died from injuries sustained in a vehicle crash in Paris a year later. She was claimed to it is in on great terms v Charles prior to her death.

According to Tina Brown"s publication "The Diana Chronicles," exit in 2008, the pair had end up being friends ~ the divorce, despite Diana was stated to have actually still had actually feelings for the prince. The claim has never been officially confirmed.

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"Charles got into the habit the dropping in on her at Kensington Palace and also they would have actually tea and a type of rueful exchange," Brown wrote, according to Elle. "They also had some laughs together."

"It was absolutely calming down, the boys were older. They talked around their philanthropies. And she had accepted Camilla. One point she had ultimately done was really understand that Camilla to be the love the his life, and there was simply nothing she could do around it … yet she claimed to me at that lunch the she would certainly go ago to Charles in a heartbeat if he wanted her," Brown wrote.