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Maine is the easternmost state in the continental US.

As the easternmost state in the continental us does the sunlight rise first at the easternmost point in Maine? The prize is yes, no, and it depends.

Expanding beyond the continent US, also the easternmost point of the us is up for debate. It can technically be the furthest allude west.

Some would certainly argue that the honor must go come Pochnoi Point, Semisopochnoi Island, Alaska, due to the fact that it is located just west of the 180 degree meridian (ignoring the westerly deviation of the global dateline). Accepting this argument, it would be the "first" to see the sunrise that a brand-new day making that the furthest point "east" in the US.

If you encompass the united state territories, the wake up Islands to the west the the international date line would see the sunrise the day prior to the remainder of the US. In the east, the U.S. Virgin islands would watch the sunrise first.


Easternmost point in the continent U.S.

The easternmost allude in the contiguous us is West Quoddy Head in Lubec, ME. Sail Rock, simply offshore (and more than likely occasionally under water), is actually east of West Quoddy Head Lighthouse. Due to the fact that it is offshore and also not inhabitable, is the technically part of the contiguous US?

Eastport, ME is taken into consideration the eastern many city in the continental US and also often reported as the first to watch the sunrise. But, Eastport is north and also west that Lubec and West Quoddy Head.

Are you complying with this? West is east and soon we'll check out that the sun rises previously west than east.


First to check out the Sunrise in the continental US

So, now that we have chose that us can't decide wherein the easternmost point in the us is, deserve to we in ~ least recognize where the sunlight rises first? follow to the U.S. Navy Observatory expensive Applications room the answer to this inquiry is no. The very first to view the sunrise varies depending on the season.

According come an article in Yankee newspaper in January, 1972 by Blanton C. Wiggin the very first place to watch the sunrise in Maine:

March 7 to March 24 West Quoddy Head Lighthouse Lubec, MaineMarch 25 to September 18 Mars Hill, MaineSeptember 19 to October 6 West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, Lubec, Maine

On new Year's Day, Cadillac mountain on mountain Desert Island in Acadia nationwide Park look at the an initial sunlight the the year. In the winter, since the phibìc pole is tilted far from the sun, the sun shows up further southern in the sky. This tilting away from the sun moves the location to watch the an initial sunrise also further south. Cadillac mountain is about 30 miles south and 60 mile west that West Quoddy Head.

Forty mile west and 120 mile north that West Quoddy Head, Mars Hill hill is only 2 miles east of the Canadian border. In the summer, the phibìc pole is tilted toward the sun and the sun appears further phibìc in the sky. This tilting towards the sunlight moves the very first sunrise to a location additional north. Being further north and at a greater elevation, Mars Hill mountain sees the sunrise before West Quoddy Head.

West Quoddy Head might be the eastern mostpoint the the continental US, however it is the first to see the sunrise only 34 job a year! in ~ the March and also September Equinox, the sunlight is no tilted away from nor toward the earth. The easternmost suggest of the continental united state is the first to view the sunrise approximately these days.

Even an ext ironic, the highest allude in Maine, mountain Katadhin is never the very first to view the sunrise.

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"Sunrise top top Cadillac Mountain, Acadia national Park, 2004" video posted top top YouTube by mattartz October 18, 2007

Sunrise on Cadillac hill - Acadia national Park, 2004

Where walk this to the right in the discussion?

Just east and north that West Quoddy Head is Campobello Island and also the summer residence of Franklin D. Roosevelt. When Campobello Island is component of Canada, the FDR summer house is component of the US nationwide Park Service. You deserve to drive to Campobello Island from the US, yet from mainland Canada you have to take a ferry (actually 2 ferries).