Monday point out the 60th anniversary that the first televised presidential news conference. In our NewsHour Shares video clip of the day, president Dwight Eisenhower proves that not much has changed since 1955.

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So, finally tonight, our NewsHour Shares moment of the day, other that captured our eye that might be of attention to girlfriend too.

Today clues the 60th anniversary that the very first televised presidential news conference. And also we wanted to show you what chairman Dwight Eisenhower"s exchange with the press in 1955 looked like. It transforms out stress in China and fights end the budget were making headlines then, too.

Here"s a brief excerpt:


Well, I see we"re make the efforts a new experiment this morning. Ns hope that doesn"t prove to it is in a mental influence.


In irradiate of the recent fighting, would certainly you take into consideration that it would be useful to have a cease-fire in between Communist China and National China, if that might be arranged v the U.N. Or through some other means?


Well, I should like to check out the U.N. Effort to exercise an excellent offices, ns believe, since whenever there"s any kind of kind that fighting and open violence in the world, there is constantly a — it"s always sort of a powder keg.


Sir, the congressman ~ above Capitol Hill say that if they can uncover a copy of the budget to read, the they can"t recognize it.

Is over there anything you have the right to do come tell these people who have to vote on this wherein the money is to it is in spent?


It"s my understanding that"s what the committees the Congress space for. And that"s is what the people that show up before this committees are for. And I can"t be supposed to take the details that a volume choose that, which ns forget the number of pages, and also explain the in information to people anywhere.


Tomorrow is the 2nd anniversary of her inauguration. I wonder if you would care to offer us an appraisal that your first two years and also tell us something of your really hopes for the next two or maybe also the following six.

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