Reaching 200mph in a auto in this day and also age really isn’t that big of a deal, the current world record is 270mph and there have been cars released this year that claim up in the 290 range so it’s nt going to be lengthy until we see a automobile capable the hitting 300mph. But ago in the 1980’s hitting 200 appeared to be difficult for a manufacturing car. In 1984 the Ferrari 288 GTO that was able to hit 188mph which to be the document for simply two years when Porsche 959 Touring the topped out at 195mph. Yet Ferrari came back with the knockout punch in 1987 with high revving F40 that had the ability to coax the extra 5mph to with the magical 200mph that had actually eluded all various other cars come that allude and didn’t prevent till it hit 202.687

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Ferrari F40Photo: TopMarques


F40 interiorPhoto: pinthiscars

The F40 completed this mighty goal by using a automobile that has been stripped down to practically nothing so that it weighs under 2,500lbs, then slapped a smaller but an extremely high revving 2.9L V8 that had actually twin turbochargers the were occurred using the turbos offered on the Ferari formula one car. Thus they to be able come squeeze out 478hp and 426lb-ft the torque i beg your pardon of course play a an essential part in hitting the 200 mark. Since the engine to be so little it was abe come spool up much faster so The F40 had actually a lightning rapid 0-60 of just under 4.0 secs which again now isn’t really that fast, but earlier in 1987 that was damn close to light speed.

Mid an installed V8 so its like a rear hood that opens up on the F40Photo:conceptcarz

The entirety reason the F40 was developed was come commemorate the 40th anniversary of Ferrari and interestingly it was the last vehicle to receive the an individual stamp the approval indigenous the great Enzo Ferrari. The F40 was claimed to have actually a minimal run of just 399 cars however due come an overwhelming popular there to be closer to 1,300 made once production ended in 1992. Considering that at the moment it to be the most expensive Ferrari with a manufacture recommended price the $400,000 yet it was reported that there were people paying upwards that $1.5 once it was only going to be a minimal production therefore I would imagine that the human being were tiny upset that paid that much think it to be going to it is in a low number collectible and also all the suddenly there room all these extras gift built. However really despite it settled in the end due to the fact that it is definitely a very sought after collector auto that because that sure.

THe F40 the was brought back to life after ~ a significant wreck through the guys at Gas Monkey Garage.Photo: dvdrwinfo

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So take a minute and site earlier and reap the beauty the is the F40. It no be ling until we space taking a step earlier to gain the first car to hit the unthinkable 300mph. That will be a an excellent day.