Eco-Friendly Insect repellent

basic to use, environmentally-friendly, alternate to pesticide that is safe for children and pets. Shop now




"I am really happy with this product and also will certainly use this again, and again - and would introduce it come anyone who has actually chickens or horses, etc. It"s a marvelous ammonia/smell reducer & insect repellent. I"ve found it safe, efficient & all roughly - fantastic."

- Phillip & Jennifer

"I have had actually a "black thumb" because that as lengthy as I deserve to remember. I put this in the soil when I planted my plants and also they are doing AWESOME! I additionally use it on my lawn to store pests down and keep the grass from turning yellow whereby my dog walk potty! i love the this is a 100% herbal product and safe for my hair baby. I"ll absolutely be to buy more!"

- Yvonne

apply around perimeter the homes, garages, pest infested outdoor locations to avoid ants, mites, ticks, fleas, aphids, small hive beetles, lice and also may various other yard pests.

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using a yard spreader, cast 1lb per 20 sq ft across a lawn for avoidance of fleas and also ticks. Apply monthly beginning in the feather to disrupt expansion cycle the the pests.

manage moisture, insects and also odor by sprinkling 1/8" the product across bedding. Product can be provided on height or under mats.

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We are a household that loves gift outside. Because we to be kids, we have always had animals to follow after, gardens come tend, and also fields come run roughly in. Now that we have youngsters of our own, we desire to make certain those experiences proceed in a method that’s safe for them, and safe for the environment.

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