The Smallest city in new Hampshire and also the very first in the nation to Vote.

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This is one time once size does not matter!  Every four years, the eyes of the nation turn come Hart’s Location, the smallest city in new Hampshire with a population of 43, as they cast their votes first for the Presidential primary and also election. NH primary voting took place at midnight on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 for the 12th Presidential choice cycle the this the smallest town has been very first in the country to cast their votes due to the fact that 1948.

The tradition began in 1948 once the township was occupied mostly by Maine main Railroad workers and also their families. Early voting in ~ 7 to be started to accommodate the railroad employees living in town. This was the many convenient time for the ideal voter turnout. The midnight voting exercise started in 1952 and also continued for countless years till the variety of media that came grew and the residents voted after the 1964 choice to stop midnight voting. Read an ext about how and also when Hart’s location became first in the country to vote.

Located in Carroll ar in the White Mountains an ar of brand-new Hampshire, Hart’s place is just 11 mile long and also 1.5 mile wide. Lot of this area lies in ~ the 800,000+ acre White hill National woodland with steep mountains and also sheer cliffs ~ above both sides. The town is house to Crawford Notch State Park detailed for its rugged wilderness beauty, crossed by the Appalachian Trail and also provides accessibility to Arethusa Falls, new Hampshire’s greatest waterfall.


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First in the nation to Vote


How did this small town obtain national recognition? find out how and when this every began.

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